Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend playtime

So after our four day busy weekend followed by a rough week, I thought we’d just have a quiet almost do-nothing weekend and enjoy some downtime but we somehow managed to fill every moment and have another busy but also very fun weekend. 

Our weekend started Friday night with the kids Iron Chef ice cream toppings event and though Maisie was up late that night she was still up bright and early Saturday morning.  Our Saturday morning started with some science experiments as Maisie has a test this coming week on matter and needs to know all about liquids, solids and gas and how they can change from one form to another.  After watching ice melt, water boil and steam rise, Maisie was quick to get dressed and head next door to play with K & A.  I spent the rest of the morning cooking and then Eammon and I headed next door and that’s where we spent  the afternoon and evening.  What did we do for the next nine or ten hours?  We ate, we drank, we ate, we talked, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we ate, we carved pumpkins, we ate, we drank, we ate…did I happen to mention that we ate because we ate and ate and ate.  Honestly by the time we finished just snacking and then appetizers there was debate as to whether or not to even make dinner as no one was really hungry.  In the end though dinner was made so we all ate that and then dessert too!  It was fun but I was stuffed, tipsy and exhausted so when it was time for Maisie to go to bed I was happy to be the one to take her as I crawled into bed with her and was probably asleep before her.

It wasn’t long though before I was awoken because in my over-fed and I-drank-half-a-drink-yet-have-no-tolerance-to-alcohol state, I inadvertently locked the door when I brought Maisie home, locking Eammon out.  Thankfully our bedroom is on the first floor so after knocking on all the other doors he was able to knock on the bedroom door and wake me up so that I could let him in.  Maisie thankfully didn’t wake up and I was still so full and tipsy that I quickly fell back asleep which was good because Maisie was up bright and early Sunday morning.   

IMG_3298My little pumpkin Maisie.

IMG_3281Maisie, A & K with their pumpkins.

IMG_3303Ready to start the pumpkin carving.

IMG_3314Some of us worked hard carving the pumpkins…

IMG_3317and getting messy with all the seeds and goo…   

IMG_3315while others enjoyed watching  ;-)

IMG_3323Maisie mimicking her pumpkin’s lopsided smile.

IMG_3326After all the pumpkin carving we went inside to do a bit more eating and while waiting for the next wave of food, Maisie and A played on an iPad.

IMG_3338K, Maisie and A with their carved creations.

IMG_3302Tanya made baked stuffed pumpkins which were yummy.

IMG_3276I made a delicious cauliflower &  parmesan cake which everyone enjoyed (my only change from SK’s recipe was that I used white instead of black sesame seeds around the edge because that’s what I had in the house.)  I also made an apple cake which I thought was shite was thoroughly unimpressed with so no picture or link to that recipe.  I found out tonight that after I left last night some of the other adults found that if the cake was doused with coffee liquor, it was quite tasty…I’ll just take their word for that one.

As I said, Maisie was up bright and early this morning so she and I decided to head up to the North Georgia mountains to an apple orchard to go apple picking.  It was another glorious day today, starting out cool and sunny but then warming up to about 80 with dry air and bright skies.  The drive up north was beautiful too as the trees are all at the peak of fall colors. 

IMG_3344When we arrived at the orchard we were a bit disappointed to find that we wouldn’t be able to pick our own apples as they had been picked out already but that didn’t stop us from having a fun time.  Maisie was in the mood to have her picture taken just about everywhere so I took advantage of that and snapped many, many shots of her.

IMG_3345I love my girl!!  Time for a haircut though.

IMG_3346They had a little tricycle derby area and she was off!

IMG_3350Maisie was quite competitive and though she lapped the boys, she didn’t allow any of them to pass her.

IMG_3355On the run through the orchard.

IMG_3361We took a tractor ride through the orchard.

IMG_3368We next visited the petting zoo and Maisie, though usually one to shy away from holding or touching animals actually wanted to hold one of the kittens.

IMG_3371And she pet the cow… 

IMG_3401And feed the goats too!

IMG_3377Maisie was in a “take a picture of me” mood and looked for any opportunity to have her picture taken and I happily obliged.

IMG_3387On the play tractor.

IMG_3409On the horse tire swing.

IMG_3416Maisie loved the giant slide and since it wasn’t busy she slid down it over a dozen times.  I think that the only reasons she stopped was she got tired of climbing up the hill over and over. 

IMG_3424Maisie took a little ride on the zip line but it didn’t go as fast or as far as she’d have liked.

IMG_3431Maisie took a ride on a little pony.

IMG_3433And then sat on a big bull.

IMG_3441We then pedaled the go-carts round and round the track until my legs were tired and done.

IMG_3442Maisie’s final photo-op, on a tractor.

Maisie and I then ate some fried apple pie and apple ice cream with caramel sauce.  On the way out we taste tested freshly made apple cider doughnuts as well as various varieties of apples.  We then purchased some of the apple cider doughnuts, our favorite varieties of apples and some fresh apple cider to bring home.  On the drive home we made a stop at the North Georgia Outlets and did a little shopping.  We didn’t buy much but I did get Maisie two plaid skirts for school next year and new avocado slicers for both myself and Anne.  Once home I was happy to sit down and relax a bit and soon it was time for Maisie to go to bed.  We snuggled in bed together and Maisie read a book to me, did a little bit of nighttime story with Eammon and quickly fell asleep.  I then wandered over next door where I enjoyed a dinner of leftovers and some time visiting.  Another fun weekend and though it was busy, we’re ready to take on the week and we’re hoping for a good one…or at least better than last week.


  1. Loved all the pictures. I have one of Maddie on that same cow this year.

  2. woohoo, blog walking from Singapore. u sure do have lots of fun, don't u? wish i could be js like you.


  3. Okay, your idea of a "low key" weekend cracks me up. My family probably could not fit all that activity into an entire week! You and Maisie have an incredible amount of energy. I sure do envy you having such wonderful friends living right next door. My good friends all live 45 minutes away - boo.

    The pictures of pretty Maisie at the apple orchard are darling. Her plucky spirit just shines.

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    You do have a great neighbor relationship! Looks like fun. Love SK's recipes!


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