Friday, October 29, 2010

Free lunch

This has been another looooong week here at Chez Maisie.  Maisie’s been suffering with bad allergies and though we’ve tried switching her meds nothing seems to work so the poor little thing is snuffaluffagus all the time.  She’s also still having some major sleep problems so to say the least, she hasn’t been quite herself.  Overtired and not feeling great… a brutal combination.  Each night Maisie wakes somewhere between 11PM and 1am and is wide awake, completely coherent and talking to me for two or three hours until she decides that she’s ready to fall back to sleep.  Of course I don’t fall back asleep as easily so I’m up for three, four or even five hours before I finally sleep.  A couple of nights this week I was so sleep deprived, exhausted and completely frazzled that got into bed with Maisie at her bedtime and I think that I was asleep before her.  I’m hoping that this pattern ends soon because the lack of sleep is doing us both in. 

Thankfully we have a nice five-day weekend!!  No school on Fridays, Saturday & Sunday off of course and then Monday is a teachers work day and Tuesday is election day.  Maybe Maisie will sleep in a little bit, catch-up and life can return to normal.  

IMG_3507aI do love that Maisie’s school is only Monday – Thursday and that we have Fridays as our day to catch-up from the week, do some home-school work, have some girl time as well as time for fun and play.  I also like that we don’t have to get up and out of bed by 7am…but generally Maisie still wakes at normal time and of course always wants me to get up to get her breakfast right away.  Last night I was over-tired and knew that I wouldn’t want to get out of bed too early in the morning so I prepared.  I put a single serve box of cereal (which Maisie eats dry), a container of water and one of her books on my nightstand so that when she awoke I could let her have it in bed and I wouldn’t have to get up immediately…lazy I know…but I’m t.i.r.e.d!!  Maisie did sleep in a bit, until 7:15 (woohoo!!) and was super happy when I rolled over and handed her everything before rolling back to rest with my eyes closed for another 40 minutes!  She was thrilled and I got to “sleep” in, a win-win in my book. 

Once up we showered and then headed off to see Miss Tina to get our hair cut.  The salon was surprisingly empty but Tina being the perfectionist that she is, took her time so we were there for quite some time.  After we were cut, styled and gorgeous we headed over to the library to return and then pick up some new books.  This coming Wednesday Maisie has to do a 2-3 minute presentation on Abraham Lincoln so we need some books.  Though there wasn't a lot of Abe Lincoln book choices available, we did find on one book about Honest Abe that worked for her.  Maisie also picked a new reading book, Not So Tall for Six which she quickly read to me in the car as we drove to our next stop.  We then made a quick stop at Jo-Ann Fabrics for a return and quick purchase and Maisie said she was hungry and really wanted pizza for lunch.  There was one more stop on our agenda and it was at Costco so I told her that after we picked up our few items that I would buy her a slice…yep, I was going to be a big spender!  I only had three items that I needed but Maisie knows Costco wanted to stroll around the store and see what samples were being offered.  Well geez Louise we timed the samples right, three kinds of pizza, tempura shrimp, cheese & crackers, beef burgers, chicken, lobster spread, crackers with roasted peppers, fancy cookies, fresh baked brownies and Starbucks hot cocoa.  Maisie ate and enjoyed every.single.offering (sans the roasted peppers) and as we were checking out I asked her if she still wanted a slice of pizza and she looked at me like I had three heads and told me that her tummy was full. 

After our free eclectic lunch we headed home for a bit then it was time for Maisie’s swim lesson.  Even her instructor Rosemary could tell that Maisie wasn’t herself but overall Maisie had a good lesson.  Fridays, 3PM, Maisie knows that K & A are home from school so she couldn’t wait to get back to the house so she could see her friends…and that was the last I saw of her until I walked next door at dinner time.  Overall Maisie had a good day and she’s now quietly sleeping and I have fingers and toes crossed that she has a full and restful night…and that I do too!

This coming week we are expecting some nighttime temperatures to fall into the mid-thirties so our garden may soon be done for the season.  Can you believe it though, here it is Halloween weekend and I pull a harvest of eggplant, red & green bell peppers, scotch bonnets, jalapenos, Jimmy Nardello peppers, grape & cherry tomatoes and even some larger tomatoes which I picked green to make some fried green tomatoes.  We have loved the garden and even though I just pulled all of this, there are still dozens of ripe peppers, still green tomatoes and more spinach than could feed our entire neighborhood still out there waiting to be picked!!  As I already have a freezer full of peppers I am trying something new and dehydrating this batch of scotch bonnets & jalapenos and I’ll see how that works in some recipes this winter. 


Guess I should get some some sleep while the wee one is sleeping.  Wishing everyone a great weekend and a fun Halloween.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Lovely peppers! Happy Halloween!

  2. I need to get over to Costco for some of that free lunch! LOL! Yowza!

    I hope Maisie's allergies let up soon. Poor thing.

    Those veggies are gorgeous! Yum!

    Can't wait for Tuesday! Looking forward to it. :D

  3. I am sorry about the sleep deprivation. Having just endured three (extreme) months of it myself, you have my complete sympathy. Holly still gets up once a night to feed, but that's not so bad. Linlee has sleep issues too and we have to give her melatonin on occasion. We just give it to her for about a week until her sleep is back on track and then we stop until she needs it again. I hope this week is easier for you both.

    The veggies from your garden are beautiful!

  4. Happy Halloween!

    Hope Maise gets better all round. The sleep thing is the pits.

    Love the peppers! I have been canning salsa with mine.

  5. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Hope things improve on the sleep ...Just a you think that perhaps she is a bit over scheduled for her age? She seems to have A LOT of activities PLUS being in 1st grade at barely 5.....WOW - as a Ph.D educator and parent of 4 kids (including 3 adopted) it just seems pretty intense....

    If this is her schedule at 5 I can't imagine it at 10.

    BTW I'm signing my name, but my ID is anonymous bcs I don't have a google account or blog

    Joan Perry


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