Friday, October 22, 2010

Pictures from the week

I did oh-so-well taking pictures and posting them four days running over Maisie’s birthday weekend but I knew there was no way for me to keep up that pace.  Sure enough as soon as that sugar frenzy ended so did the daily posts and now it’s been five days since my last post so here’s yet another catch-up post.  I do have to say that after such a busy weekend with so many activities and so much junk food and sugar it was a difficult week for both Maisie and I.  Both of us have been detoxing from all the sugar and where for me I’ve felt awful, achy, edgy and exhausted, it has caused Maisie the same problems but she’s also had difficulty focusing and her whole demeanor and personality have been off but now that it’s the end of the week I’ve noticed that things are starting to return to normal, for both of us.

IMG_3243aEach morning this week when Maisie awoke the first thing she’d say was that she was still oh-so-tired but it was never long before she was my happy little bed-head girl eating her breakfast.  

IMG_3253aThursday after school K came over to play and she and Maisie disappeared into Maisie’s room where they huddled together playing Cooking Mama 3 on the DSi.

This morning I took Maisie for her five-year-old check-up and the doctor only had good things to say.  Maisie weighed in at 34 pounds and is now 42-inches tall.  Interestingly, starting with the 5-year-old visit, our doctor’s office gives you their BMI number.  Maisie just squeaks into the bottom of the “normal” range with a BMI of 13.6 which is right at the 5th percentile.  When I say squeaks in I mean it because if she weighed just an half pound less she would be considered underweight.  The doctor said that Maisie is just petite and extremely muscled so no worries. 

Thankfully Maisie didn’t need any injections but while we were at the doctor’s office both she and I got the flumist.  Prior to this year I’ve been immunized for flu only twice with not great results on either occasion.  The first time that I got the flu immunization, just days later I got a horrible case of the flu which lasted for over two weeks.  Then in 2008 when I thought sure, Maisie’s getting immunized and I should too, well that didn’t work out so great either as just days later I was very sick with what I thought was the flu and  landed in the hospital not just once but twice!  I’m sure, or at least pretty sure that the flumist didn’t precipitate my trip to Hades but after two bad experiences I’m a bit wary and keeping my fingers crossed that after today’s mist I stay healthy!!

After Maisie’s doctors appointment we went to the farmer’s market to get some groceries and then she and I went out for lunch.  I have no idea what happened though as after lunch I felt horrible so we skipped our other errands and came straight home where I crawled into bed as my blood sugar crashed.  Maisie was so good and got her doctors bag and did a full exam and then sat in bed reading books to me and keeping me company.  I got my sugar stabilized and after a bit of a rest I took Maisie to her swimming lesson.  Maisie’s favorite part of the day though was after swim lesson when she ran off next door to play with K & A.

Maisie, K & A were having so much fun playing and Steve had already made dinner so he invited Maisie to stay which of course she wanted to do so Maisie had dinner with her friends.  Then once Anne arrived home she decided to do a Kids Iron Chef event with the secret ingredient being ice cream toppings!  Anne lined up about 15 topping ingredients and gave the children the choice of vanilla or chocolate marshmallow ice cream.

IMG_3259aReady to start the competition.

IMG_3263aBeing told the rules, one scoop of ice cream and the addition of 8 toppings!!  I think that Anne said that they were being judged on presentation, compliance with the 8 topping rule, taste and creativity.

IMG_3268aMaisie presenting her vanilla ice cream sundae, telling about which and how she chose her toppings.

IMG_3270aK not only added her eight toppings to her ice cream but also decorated an extra plate.

IMG_3272aA was the only one of the three that added real fruit to his sundae. 

Anne and I were the judges and taste tested each sundae.  The children all had fun and  imagine this, they each managed to win one aspect of the competition!  In the end they gobbled up their creations and quickly ran off to play.  Maisie and I didn’t get home until 9PM so I was quick to get her into bed and I’m hoping that she sleeps in a bit tomorrow morning. Compared to last weekend we have a much more laid back weekend planned but it will be fun.  Happy weekend!!


  1. Love the picture with Maisie's bright smile.
    AA just had her 4 year check up and she weighs 32 pounds! I guess AA is catching up more than I thought! Maisie is tall and lean!
    So much fun you all had! I think the iron Chef competition was a giggle to see and read about.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. I'm craving some ice cream now. :D

    Hope you are feeling better. Bri has a birthday party to attend this afternoon, but other than that, we have a much quieter weekend planned too.

    We sure did have fun last weekend though!

  3. Linlee is almost the exact same size as Maisie (33 pounds at last weigh in), but she will be turning six in a little over two months.

    I don't know Lisa, I would skip the flu vaccine after this if I were you. It sounds to me like your immune system does not tolerate it well at all. Perhaps that's why you crashed later that afternoon.

    That sundae contest was a hoot. What a fun idea!

  4. Pure awesomeness!

    Love that you locked your hubby out. How funny!

    Love all the pictures. It looks like a beautiful fun time. Love the idea of a kids Iron Chef!


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