Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let the celebrating begin

How is it that in just three days my little sweetie girl will be five years old??   Each year I say that I can’t believe that another year has passed and that Maisie is another year older, I’m just not ready for her to grow up and for me, time is passing too quickly.  Starting today with her class party and ending on Sunday with her actual birthday and her big party, we have a four days of special activities and celebrating planned, it should be great fun!

IMG_2719Today Maisie celebrated her birthday at school with her classmates.  I couldn’t be at her school party as I had three plumbers in the house replacing our two water heaters with a tankless unit but Maisie said that she all her classmates enjoyed the cupcakes, juice boxes and goodie bags that I brought in for her party.  When I dropped everything off this morning her teacher Miss Lisa was just finishing up the first mid-term report cards so we had a quick little parent/teacher discussion and she gave me Maisie’s report card. 

IMG_2725bIMG_2728aI am so proud of my girl for how well she is doing in school but even more so for what Miss Lisa told me which was, that if they didn’t know that Maisie was 1.5 - 2+ years younger than her classmates, they never would have guessed as her maturity level, behavior, concentration and academics are right there with the older children. 

I finally got my act together and arranged to have our old water heaters replaced.  Both units were still working  but were well beyond their anticipated life expectancy and I was having nightmares that one or the other would soon fail and then mess that we would have! IMG_2739Especially scary was that the electric water heater which was upstairs was over 18 years old and if it failed and leaked, there would go our dining room and master bedroom ceilings and who knows what as far as furnishings and wood floors.  The gas unit was on the first floor in the laundry room and by removing it I was able to turn the new freezer into the space where the water tank was formerly, allowing us so much more space.

IMG_2735Look how small the tankless unit is and this one unit will replace both of the old tanks. 

IMG_2741Here is the plumber finishing the hook ups and it wasn’t long before we had nice hot water again and my fears of a leaking tank are now a thing of the past.  I’m hoping too that we enjoy some energy savings by not continuously heating two huge tanks of water.  

IMG_2747We had to temporarily move Maisie’s kitchen so that the plumbers could get the electric tank down the stairs and out of the house but that didn’t stop Maisie and A from cooking up lots of food.  Once the plumbers finished we moved everything back to where it belonged and Maisie, K & A did a great job of cleaning up and K did an awesome job of organizing everything in the kitchen and finding just the right spot so that everything can now be easily found.  Thanks K you did great!!

Maisie and I both have been suffering with colds this past week and she was one tired bear tonight so we climbed in bed just after 6:30, she read a book to me and then she was fast asleep just minutes after 7.  She’s had some rough nights as she’s been so congested and wakes when she can’t breathe well so I’m hoping that it’s eased up somewhat and that she sleeps through the night.  We have so many fun activities planned over the next three days and I want her to be able to fully enjoy each and every one. 


  1. Let the partying begin!!! Big weekend planned! Can't wait! :)

  2. An early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maisie!

    Maisie's report card just astounds me; she's only four in first grade! What an awesome little girl.

  3. Happy Birthday Maisie!

    Naomi's birthday is right around the corner too. They do grow up too fast!

  4. Congrats Maisie on an spectacular report card. Proud moment!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAISIE!! Awesome report card too!!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAISIE!! Awesome report card too!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Maisie!!!


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