Monday, September 07, 2009

Three little barbers

Eammon is really particular when it comes to his haircuts so he only goes to the best barber shop in town and of course has a team of barbers to keep his look top notch. His favorite barber shop is close to home (our driveway) and hey it includes a lovely water view. His top three barbers Maisie, K & A all worked together to give Eammon a new buzz cut. They all had fun and Eammon was a good sport allowing them each an opportunity to cut his hair even if a wee bit of pain was involved. After the children finished I trimmed everything up so that when Eammon returns to work tomorrow his hair won't look like someone trimmed it with garden shears.

We had a nice laid-back day with children playing in the cul-de-sac and the parents hanging out and chatting. Maisie also had a blast riding her bike on the chalk roads that Eammon drew on the driveway. overall it was fun having a long weekend together, being at home enjoying perfect weather and each other, fun times!

Hopscotch on steroids.

'A' making the hula hoop look easy-peasy.

'K' putting on the moves and grooving it.

Maisie using the big hoop.


  1. I love Maisie's face in the hula hoop picture! These kids are growing up so fast..... sigh.

  2. So fun! Love the haircut!

  3. Okay, that hopscotch on steroids pic totally cracks me up! Can you believe that I don't have the first clue how to play hopscotch? Looks like I have some learnin' to do!


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  4. I love the look on Maisie's face on the 4th picture down, too cute.
    What a great fun memory! My Dad would never have allowed us to do that. I do check in as often as I once did due to time constraints, but I cannot believe how she is grown. WOW! She is so tall and just not a baby anymore. She is a beautiful girl and I know she is a blessing beyond words.

  5. This is a great post! It captures Maise's personality and your family dynamics perfectly.


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