Friday, September 04, 2009

Dueling cameras

Okay so not exactly, more like sharing the iPhone taking pictures of one another and killing time while waiting for the slowest restaurant in the world to serve lunch. Maisie was into making silly faces and being funny but when it was her turn to take pictures of me, she never felt it necessary to include my entire face or head. I'm not saying she isn't a good photographer, I say she's being artistic so don't mind my decapitated head.

On Fridays I try to have some special Mom & Maisie time so before her swim lesson she and I go out for a girls lunch. Today it was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and warm with very low humidity, a perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Since we were already out and about I though of going to a little cafe which I had been to once before as it was in the area. The first time I went to this cafe the food was tasty and it was nice but today it definitely was not a great choice and it had nothing to do with Maisie as she was well behaved, patient and a little lady. The wait and the food though, that was another story. In a mostly empty restaurant it took forty minutes from the time we ordered until lunch was served and then most of it came out way overcooked to the point of crunchy with the sides which should have been served hot, well...barely warm. Maisie did eat a good part of her meal but I passed on mine because it was just beyond bad and by then I honestly didn't have the time or patience to wait for another meal to be prepared. Then as Maisie was drinking her water the glass slipped right through her hands and shattered on the bricks below us, great, but at least we were outside. So I gave her my water which a few minutes later she somehow accidentally managed to knock over adding more water to the ground below...doesn't it sound like this outing was getting better and better??

Thankfully the second glass didn't break and also I was thankful that we were just about finished and ready to leave. Then the manager came over and made the experience end on a more positive note as she had "taken care" of the bill she said because of the wait and the poorly prepared food and then asked us to pick out a dessert which we could take home.

It's now early Friday evening and Eammon actually got home from work early so we shared an early dinner together of some leftovers from the week and then we all enjoyed the chocolate hazelnut cake slice that Maisie picked out.

Tomorrow is a special day for us and we're going out to celebrate. It should be fun and hopefully I'll get a decent piccie or two. So, y'all come back now ya hear!


  1. Good grief! Where were you gals? Remind me NOT to go there! LOL!

    Love the cute pics!

    Have a good day tomorrow! :)

  2. I hate bad service. It is a serious pet peeve of mine. Love your pic. What a fun afternoon for the girls!


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