Monday, September 21, 2009

Princess friends

Sunday afternoon Kathy, Matt & Chani and Lisa, Doug & Briana joined us for what was to be a BBQ and little girl swim date but because of our never ending torrential rain it turned into an inside dinner and Princess play time. It was a fun evening with the little Princesses running around, giggling, and having a great time playing with one another while the boys were playing, shouting and giggling like 5 year olds as they played with the Wii allowing Lisa, Kathy and I to sit and chat while loving the sound of our little Princesses having so much fun.

It just amazes me how grown up the girls are now, the way they play together and how oh-so-independent they have become. It seems like just a short while ago I would have spent the entire evening coaxing Maisie to eat or to play with her friends, reprimanding her or holding her and being very hands on but now she's so grown up, I'm happy but a wee but sad too.

My little girl isn't totally grown up yet, come bedtime she wants to sleep with her Mama, snuggled close. Maisie's been having a bout of major night terrors which usually happen around 1am and keep us up for 1 to 3 hours before she's able to settle back down and sleep again. Then we're both exhausted and with our busy days it just wasn't working. The terrors only happen when she sleeps alone so to allow us both to get some decent nights rest, she's been sleeping with me. She begrudgingly starts the night in her bed but around 11PM-12am she wakes up startled and crying like she's had a bad dream and at that point she'll come and get into my bed. If I just go in to her, get her calmed down and back to sleep I'm almost 100% guaranteed that within two hours she'll have full blown night terrors and the night will be shot.

We do this routine on school nights to allow for us to sleep but on the weekends, that's when we work on trying to get her to sleep all night in her bed. Because she sleeps with me so much at home and always when we travel, I don't want her to also have the pattern of me sleeping in her bed with her as that would be one more habit that we'd have to break so on non-school/work nights Eammon is the one who will go in and lay with her, calm her and help her make it though the night without Mama and terror free. I will say that I do love sleeping with Maisie but I do think she needs to be able to sleep in her own room and I know that Eammon would love to be able to sleep full nights, every night in our bed and hopefully one night soon that will happen. For now though, sleep and the absence of night terrors is our main priority.


  1. I think they are the cutest friends ever! Thanks for such a fun night!!!

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    April still has them on occasion, esp. when she is over-stimulated, but we never know when that is going to be. She had one in California that ended with me being puked all over. I'm certain that with all of our love of our girls, they will one day grow out of it all. We all do the best we can to help our girls out with their things.

    The girls do look so big and grown up.

  3. Sophie never had night terrors but she is hyper vigiliant for sure! She is still in our room ( she sleeps on a little bed next to our bed) but we are going to try moving her in to her own room. Typically she sleeps all night in our room, but she talks in her sleep and well she wakes me up with all the talking and flipping and flopping!


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