Thursday, January 17, 2008

Off the wall

Just over twenty three months ago two things happened; Atlanta experienced its last snow fall prior to last night and a package from Julie appeared on my doorstep.

P11700061 Unbeknown to us, Maisie at that time was just shy of four months old and living in Chongqing but to us, she was still just a hope and a dream for our future. I still remember opening the package from Julie and dancing around the kitchen as the giraffe and giraffe print dress were just beyond cute and I dreamed of the day that our little girl would wear the dress. In fact I've loved the dress so much, it has decorated the wall of Maisie's nursery for all this time. I can't believe that here it is almost two years later and my little girl is wearing her giraffe dress for the first time and she's just as cute in it as I had imagined all those many months ago. Julie has spoiled us many times over the years and given us many things to smile about but for some reason seeing Maisie in this dress just made my heart burst today. Big hugs and thanks Julie and Tess, I'm so glad that you are both friends and part of our lives.

*Just as a side note, it started raining last night just after I took the piccie in the previous post and the rain continued all night. Just as I had predicted, by the time I went out this morning to take Maisie to Mother's Morning Out, all the snow was just where I like it...somewhere other than my backyard.


  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    How precious! As I am scrapbooking, I can hardly believe how much EllaKate has grown in a year. Maisie has grown so much too. The dress looks so cute on her!!! I bet she thought she was adorable too??? EllaKate always asks me if she looks pretty.

  2. That is a darling dress! Wow, that girl has some serious style.

  3. That is a darling dress! Wow, that girl has some serious style.

  4. Anonymous6:39 PM

    You are very special people indeed and special to us. I just love seeing Miss M in that dress. She looks ADORABLE!

  5. It is absolutely adorable! I am so glad that it is off the wall! See ya in the AM!

  6. M. looks simply adorable in her giraffe dress!

  7. Insanely cute!!!!

    (And you are going to have to explain in person to Rose and Marie why we don't have a picture of Maisie in the snow. I don't think I can take the sad looks. I'll have them dial you up as soon as they're out of the bath. *grin*)

  8. Oh my! What an cute dress and Maisie looks adorable wearing it! Just too cute!

    Also, can't believe how grown up she looks in this pic! Wow...your girl she is a changin!

  9. Fantastic! I'm sure Maisie has been drooling over that dressing hanging on her wall?!!

    She looks angelic! (in a giraffe kinda way?!!)

  10. Adorable!!!! Maisie is so sweet!

  11. Cute stuff!

    Keep smilin!

  12. She is a dream come true. Quite literally.



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