Saturday, January 19, 2008

No, no, no to snow, snow, snow

Today, for the second time in less than a week we've experienced snow. According to the frenetic weather forecasters, who were enjoying 24 hours of continuous on screen face time, we were in for a "major" snow event with a record breaking snow fall of 1-3 inches expected. Starting yesterday, dozens upon dozens of flights were cancelled, the scroll screen at the bottom of the newscasts listed just about every activity possible as cancelled too.

When the snow started this morning, Maisie was delighted to watch it fall and was desperate to go outside. We told her that after her nap we would take her out and by the time she did wake, the snow had stopped falling.

P1190004 We were so unprepared to take Maisie out in the snow as evidenced by the fact that we don't have gloves, boots or even a scarf for the poor little girl but as it worked out, none of those items were needed. When we took Maisie out to experience the "major" record-breaking snow fall, she wanted nothing to do with it. The photograph shows the one and only step she took in the snow and then she wanted up, up, up. I made a snowball for her but she had no interest in touching it and though she loved watching the snow fall from inside the house, once outside she was not into it at all. Once again I can say, "that's my girl" as she enjoys the snow as much as I do, from the comfort of a warm house and not in our backyard.

Our hearts go out to friends Stephanie & Jason who suffered a terrible loss. Please keep them in your hearts, thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of their beautiful son Samuel.


  1. The snow fell at my house, but didn't last long. It melted by late afternoon. I think you guys got more than us, and I know you love the snow - NOT, LOL!. Maisie is definitely like her mama in that department - ha!

    Briana loved the snow and was running around like crazy. Hmmm, but she does that everyday though, doesn't she?

  2. Okay - I love living in the South where the word come to a screeching stop when the weather person says "SNOW" :D There is no more snow in our yard or Pat & Bob's as Ian & Li Li made snowbunnies and played in their whole 1 inch - LOL! I still think that it is kinda funny that Miss Maisie didn't like the snow, as she is usually more adventurous than Li Li!

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM

    That's hilarious. Like mother, like daughter.

  4. Stay warm down there!

    LOVE the jacket Maisie is wearing. That is PERFECT!!!!

  5. Maylin felt the same at first, but now she likes it. I guess she has to here. It just comes and comes. Maise is so cute, you can just see she is thinking, "What is this stuff?" I read your friends blog. I am sorry. My heart breaks for them.

  6. Maya and I are with you girls. No, no snow! But Maisie sure looks cute in her little giraffe jacket. And anything else I've ever seen her in!

  7. Too funny !
    I guess you'll never make it this way ....we have tons of snow right now :)
    Good thing I like it ....
    Maisie is growing ...
    Wow ....
    Andrea and Alyana

  8. She was dreaming of Aruba, wasn't she? Oh, aren't we all?! =)

  9. You can actually see your grass through the snow. ahh to see grass again!

  10. I take it, it isn't sposed to snow where you are?!!

    Change is as good as a holiday they say?!! Althought I think Aruba is much nicer?!!!

    Love Maisie's little giraffe jacket!

    Terrible news about your friends. Will keep them in my prayers.


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