Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mirror, mirror upon the wall...

Maisie's dress-up compulsion is taking its toll on my back as she L.O.V.E.S to look at herself over and over and over in the mirror. Also, a short little looksie isn't enough, oh NO, she has to makes faces, look at herself from different angles, steam up the mirror, kiss herself...well you get the idea and I'm sure you can see why lifting her up a few hundred times per day would make my back hurt.

P1090005.JPG_Thumbnail1 P1090002.JPG_Thumbnail1 P1090003.JPG_Thumbnail1 P1090004.JPG_Thumbnail1 P1090006.JPG_Thumbnail1 P1090007.JPG_Thumbnail1 So, the princess now has her own princess mirror which we made and installed this morning. Yesterday we went out and purchased an inexpensive white framed full-length mirror, paint (which Maisie chose herself) and a few hundred crystals. Last night I painted the frame and then this morning she and I applied all the crystals and even a rhinestone monogram. We then hung the mirror at the perfect little girl height and Maisie gave it a test run before we headed out for our play date with Rachel and Alexander

P1090013 When we went to leave the house for our play date, Maisie had no intention of giving up her sparkly yellow shoes or her tiara so she was quite the fancifully dressed gal when we stopped at Trader Joe's and then during our first hour or so at Rachel & Orla's home. Orla made a nice lunch for all of us and the children had fun playing, before we knew it, it was time to head home for naps!! As soon as we arrived home Maisie looked at herself in the mirror and said, "hi Maisie"...just too cute.

We have a couple of errands to run this afternoon and we'll see what outfit, shoes and hat or tiara she'll chose to wear out of the house. Her dressing up and wanting to wear the clothes out of the house is one battle that most of the time I don't care to engage in and if the little girl is happy it makes my life that much easier. She gets lots of looks and smiles when we're out but she's just so darn cute, she gets them no matter what she wears. In addition it's been in the mid 70's so at least I don't have to worry about having to dress her up warmly.


  1. What a cutie! She is getting to be so big.

    Keep smilin!

  2. I think Maisie has the right idea! There are quite a few adult outfits I've seen today (grocery store and preschool dropoff) that could have been vastly improved with a little sparkly tiara. ;-)

  3. Darling mirror, Lisa. You and Maisie should open up an Etsy account and sell them. You know for more money to buy more dress up clothes.

  4. Maisie is just too cute! Oh Lisa - that mirror turned out fabulous!

  5. She walks better in those heels than any woman I've ever seen- what a diva!

  6. What a great idea to do that mirror.. Maisie looks like she is enjoying it. Too Cute...Linda

  7. I am loving that mirror...and Maisie's reaction to it. Great crafty idea mama.

  8. "Hi Maisie"... aaawwww! That is gorgeous!!!

    You guys are so clever, sprucing up the frame! It looks GLAMOROUS!

  9. The mirror is ADORABLE! I love it ;D

  10. Anonymous7:44 AM

    What an adorable haircut!

    James couldn't get over himself what a sweet girl she is.. "Hi Mick... Hi Mick"...

    What a good looking girl she is! Little Miss heartbreaker!

  11. That is so cute! I love the mirror. Wow! you did a great job. Loved the pic of her kissing herself in the mirror. You are right, it would be great it Maise and Maylin could ge together. They would be beautiful together.

  12. Cute!!! I think you are wise to "pick your battles".... I know when I see a kiddo out in public with a dress-up look, it makes me smile.

  13. The mirror is TOO CUTE!!! As a mom of boys there is nothing like that at my house:(
    Love her new haircut..

  14. What a great idea and I love that you were able to do it together. What a cute pic of her smooching herself. She knows cute when she sees it!


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