Sunday, November 25, 2007

3:30 a.m. and pottery

Thanksgiving was great but exhausting and I'm please to say that all the leftovers have been eaten or banished from the house. Thankfully on Thanksgiving Eammon was a great help with after dinner clean up but his true shining moment, in my eyes, was when he offered to drive my parents to the airport for their Friday morning flight to Aruba. See they had a very early flight so it meant setting off from the house at 3:30 a.m., much too early for me especially after a full day of cooking and entertaining. Now my parents are happily lounging on the beach, hopefully resting up because in less than two weeks the three of us will be winging our way down to join them. The way I figure it, they have two weeks to relax before the two weeks of Maisie wanting attention from everyone on the beach and everyone needing another vacation to recover from chasing her everywhere.

Eammon did make the best of his early wake up by hitting a few sales and scoring for himself some fancy HD/DVD surround system something or other, which to me is just another remote that I'm sure I'll never figure out...but he's happy. Friday and Saturday were quiet days for Maisie and I as both of us have little colds which hopefully will clear up quickly.

Today I had a fun day as I met up with Deb, Kathy, Rachel & Randi for lunch and some pottery painting. PB250010.JPG_Thumbnail1Kathy



This was sort of our last hoorah before Kathy leaves for China to get Chani. It was a fun afternoon and we all shared lots of laughs. It will be fun to see how our pieces turned out once they're fired...That may be when the real laughs begin!


  1. How fun...
    Looks like you all did a GREAT JOB!!!
    Can't wait to see the finished pottery..

  2. OMG- That was a fast post :D Yes - I had fun and we are going back! Ha Ha - can you believe it!

    Ladybug hugs,

  3. It was such a fun day! Thank you for going and decorating your beautiful bowl. Can't wait to see it all fired up.

  4. The dots on my cup look a lot bigger than I remember :)

  5. I am so sad I missed it! The pieces look awesome!

  6. I LOVE pottery! And I love the few things I saw so far - can't wait to see them fired!

  7. The pottery day looks fantastic - what a good idea!

    Good work at the sales Eammon!

  8. What a good hubby! And I love pottery! How fun!!! You are a lucky lady.

  9. That pottery painting looks fun! You always do the neatest things.


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