Friday, March 24, 2006

4 Good, 1 Not so Good

Good 1: Eammon returns tonight from his week in Boston. The house has been too lonely and I don't sleep when he's away, so his return, a good thing.

Good 2: My new July Secret Pal sent this awesome Michael Miller fabric textured scrapbook paper and an adorable frame which I already envision displaying lots of beach pictures of Baby S. Now that the nursery is almost completed and I have this cool new paper, I can get started on Baby S's 100 good wishes book. Thank you my new pal, you have my taste pegged perfectly and both items are such a great match for the making memories theme!

Good 3: After 20 days of being sick with bronchial pneumonia and strep throat, I'm finally breathing close to normal, my energy level though still low, is getting better every day and I no longer sound like Barry White, Selma Bouvier or even Marge Simpson, my voice is almost completely female and back to normal. I can't believe that I have been knocked on my arse like this, but now spring is here and it's time to be healthy again.

Good 4: Now don't be getting all excited about this until you finish reading the Not so Good.

Our dossier (adoption application documents) was logged in (registered) at the CCAA office on August 10, 2005. The fact that it has passed though the review process without any questions or problems is fantastic! The next step for us, in the process, is the Matching Room where we will be matched with Baby S.

Not so Good: The real important date is the one in the second paragraph of the picture. See, dossiers can sit in the matching room for 1, 2 , 3...endless months before they are finally matched and the new parents get their referral. The May 25th date is from last month's update and according to what the agencies are saying, the all important placement date will only change by a mere 5 days!! So, referrals will only come out for people whose dossiers were logged in before May 30, 2005. An entire month for CCAA to match 5 days worth of dossiers! There are 73 days between May 30 and August 10, so if they only match 5 days of dossiers each month, let's see...We should see Baby S's picture sometime in June 2007!

Think I'll become an ostrich and go bury my head in the sand!


  1. Don't get too discouraged - you have already made it this far! Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  2. You are almost are so far up in line-we can't even see you!

    I hope that you feel 100% soon - you must feel wiped out! So relax and start on that wishes book...oh and don't forget your vitamin C :)

  3. Hey look how far you've made it. Look at us poor DTC 1/17/06 people. We could be waiting for years (just a joke). You passed the review, check that off your list!

    Glad you are feeling better!!Enjoy the weekend your Man is home!

  4. Hey good news though... you are feeling better, Eammon is on his way home and you have survived the review process!!! Any way we look at it.. we are still moving closer to our babies... all be it inching closer rather than sailing....

    Glad you are doing better!
    Lisa :)

  5. I have a Good #5, and that is that I didn't know our LID's were so close together. (I am 8/11) This means I may actually meet you in China.

    Uh-oh. Maybe that's 2 Not so Good for you. hahahahaha

  6. Ok, that's a lot of "Goods" to balance out one "Bad" right?

    Say hi to Eammon for me, glad he's coming home and you're not alone in the house anymore. (Always creeps me out at night when Rod is gone and I don't sleep well either).

  7. No no. It's going to be ok and much sooner than you think. Please don't be to disappointed. If you are - then I will be forced tomorrow night to buy you sweeties rather than healthy food. Sweets. You wouldn't want that, right?!

  8. Hope your good to bad ratio is always 4 to 1. :)

    Glad to hear that you are finally feeling better. Too long to be sick.

  9. But Good 5: I don't know how they do it, but everyone seems to be matched perfectly with their baby. When you finally have your daughter, look around the room and you will see it too. I have to believe they actually put a lot of thought into the process ...and maybe a little magic. It truly is miraculous.

    I love that fabric! I bought Charlotte's carseat cover in that fabric from HulaMoonKids. They have some very cool Asian patterned fabrics.

    Good 6: You managed to work the word "arse" into a post! :)

    Glad you're feeling better. Wishing you a full recovery soon.


  10. I hope you get your referral very soon, because I just saw the picture of Baby S's closet, and you're running out of room!!!


  11. dont sweat it sister girl! I think its gonna start moving at least a little faster!.... and we get to watch and share the joy of several good friends ahead of us........and.......we'll learn lots of good tips from all their screw ups...uh...mistakes. :)

  12. Ooohhh....I saw that scrapbook paper and I had. to. have. it. So I went to e-bay and bought it! My husband is not too happy. Oh well, he'll get over it! :) Sorry you were sick!

  13. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Hey: I live in Marietta also. I adopted from CCAI 2.5 years ago and Joy is now 3 years old.



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