Friday, March 03, 2006

205 New American Citizens

This morning in Atlanta, Eammon, along with 204 other people, from a total of 66 different countries, took their Oath of Allegiance and became U. S. Citizens.

The ceremony was very touching and as I listened, I felt happy and proud that so many people chose to become U.S. citizens. I realized as each name was called and Certificate of Naturalization presented, that for some, becoming a U.S. citizen won't change their lives dramatically, but for others the impact on their lives and the lives of their family is huge. I felt somewhat sad hearing the names of the countries and knowing that for some, the conditions and/or politics of their homeland forced them to leave everything and everyone they knew behind and that they may never see their county of birth again.

So of course all of this got me thinking of our daughter and what her future holds. We feel strongly that our daughter will first and foremost be an American. We'll expose her to the culture and traditions of her birth country and will help foster a sense of pride in her Chinese heritage, but we won't force her to be involved in Chinese language, dance or other classes unless she has the interest and desire. I hope that she grows up proud to be an American, proud to be of Chinese descent and I hope that someday she will chose to travel around China and learn of her birthplace. Overall, I hope that our daughter grows up proud of who she is and happy to live in the U.S., a country which truly is a melting pot of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and origins.


  1. Good thoughts. This country is a unique "melting pot" where assimilation is easier to come by than other countries.

    Congrats Eammon!

    Now, start complaining about taxes!

  2. Congratulations Eammon!!!
    Hey, are you guys having hot dogs and apple pie for dinner tonight in celebration?

  3. Congratulations to your husband. I remember that when my husband (then fiancee) became a US citizen, he dressed in a suit (which he NEVER does) and came to my place of work to show me the certificate. I was also very proud.

  4. Wow, congratulations, I am having a hard time reading your blog, because the bcakground is purple and so is the type...anyone else having this problem ??

  5. That's great - Congrats!

    I think having this experience of becoming a naturalized citizen has given you a great perspective on how to raise your daughter. It's all a personal decision ...but I align with your way of thinking. And fortunately, especially for Chinese-adoptive families, there are so many great resources to help you.

    So, how are you celebrating Eammon's new status?


  6. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Congrats Eammon!

  7. Congratulations Eammon! This is very cool and what a special day!

  8. Congratulations Eammon!

  9. I agree, I want my daughter to, first and foremost, be proud to be an American but also to have an understanding and appreciation for her Chinese Heritage.

    Congratulation, Eammon!!

  10. Congratulations Eammon. Attending the naturalization can be sort of emotional, I agree. Some are just so happy and some a sort of sorry to renounce their citizenship with a homeland.

    But happy day for Eammon I hope. Making that paperwork in China easier? Hopefully.

  11. You had me in tears. I would have cried a river at the ceremony. I am just so sensitive to these things being only a 3rd generation American myself. I applaud your decision to raise the baby "American". My parents celebrated our heritage by buying us dolls from those countries, eating limited food from the old world, and teaching us basic phrases like "hello/goodbye" and "good morning/good night." It was so subtle and such a second thought and I find nothing wrong with that at all.

  12. Congratulations!!!

  13. Ahhh I wish my Hisband would become a citizen already! But he isn;t confidant with his english enough to take the test!!

  14. Congrats to Eammon!!!


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