Friday, February 03, 2006

Worse than trying on bathing suits!

That's how I feel about buying a new purse. I need a purse that's fun, not too big, not too small. Something that can go with any outfit (not that I change purses or outfits if they don't match) just something that reflects my personality. I've been carrying my favorite monkey purse on and off for about three years and it's just time for something new. I have a whole list of criteria, but two of the biggest are, it can't be too expensive and it definitely can't be advertising the designer's name or initials. If designers or companies want me to advertise for them, let them pay me to carry their purse!

So today after much searching and debating, I did end up purchasing two bags. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep either of these or maybe I'll keep both...still to be decided. Pictured are my purchases for your viewing pleasure and your critique. What do these bags say to you and what personality do they reflect?

One purchase that I will be keeping is the Mamas and Papas Giant Activity Toy, Lotty Ladybird. I got it for a steal at T. J. Maxx, mark down on top of mark down on top of mark down!

This baby is huge, it is pictured on a queen size bed! It has so many different textures, patterns and colors, I'm enjoying playing with it. Each leg makes crinkle sounds, one of the spots flips open to reveal a baby safe mirror and the hat flips forward to reveal a large mirror and a cute ladybug and leaf applique. The flowers on the antennae squeak and rattle. I also love the mini ladybug rattle, with a mirror on the tummy, it hides in one of the big ladybug's legs.


  1. The green and black purse is so more you than the other, it just doesn't go with your hair. I love the ladybug toy!!!

  2. I'm a total bag whore so I like them both. But I LOVE the second one. The green zebray looking one.

  3. Oooo, oooo, I love voting on things! I pick the green zebra one. SO CUTE. And I can totally picture you sashaying around holding it.

    I might cry a little when you retire that monkey purse, by the way. I have a serious thing for monkey anything. Oh well, at least it's had a good long run...

  4. Did you get them at TJ Maxx? If so, I am assuming they were priced just right, so why not keep them both!

  5. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Oh I am so going to get one of those for Marissa! That is so cute!!1

  6. I like the green zebra one - it says fun!!! Which you sound like you are because that's a cool ladybug toy!

  7. Great toy!

    My vote is for the one on the right.

  8. I vote for the one on the left-definitely you. Hard to follow that monkey purse though.

    Love the mamas and papas toy! I'm heading to TJ Maxx/Marshall's tomorrow.

  9. definately like the swirly bag. its very you. love the toy too.

    I agree about the designer stuff--who needs a 500$ purse????

  10. Go try on a swimsuit and i guarantee you will buy them both! Because nothing is worse than trying on swimsuits...after swimsuit shopping, I usually walk out with shoes, makeup, purse, and NO swimsuit - then i head straight to the cookie store.

    Just talking about it makes me need a cookie;)

  11. Both of the bags are fun but the one on the right has wild written all over it and I love it!

    And you know, if this is worse than bathing suite shopping for you, I'd go ahead and keep them both. It's not like they won't fit next year, right?

  12. Anonymous3:22 AM

    I like the green zebra print fun and sassy! You go girl!! LOL!

    Kimberly E

  13. Fun one on the left. Very cool, sort of Pucci"esque". What about a big old diaper bag?

  14. It's a toss up. I like both but for different reasons! That bug is so huge! I don't think we have the room :)

  15. I love the green Zebra one! It's funky.
    But, hey I would keep them all. I always go back and forth with my handbags. I'm kicking myself for selling some of my "old" ones on Ebay!

  16. So you don't like buying new purses, eh?

    Would you please talk to my wife? ;-)

  17. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Oh my god, I totally share you purse angst. I only just bought one that I love. That's okay - I've only been looking for, what, fifteen or twenty years?

  18. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I know where you can see some cute purses!!!


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