Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rain doesn't put a damper on our fun!!

Tonight was scheduled to be our local Adopters group bonfire night. But, mother nature had other ideas with a full weekend of rain on the schedule. So, after watching the weather closely day after day, it was decided late last week to make a change of venue, thereby not allowing the weather to stop us. Seth and Jill Zimmerman stepped in to save the day, being so gracious and volunteering their lovely home to save the party. So, the bonfire became an indoor party with the only fire being the grill. Hugh was the grill master while our favorite pyros Seth and Eammon stood by and provided moral support! We had a large turnout with 38 people in attendance, many familiar faces with a couple of new ones too. The children were so well behaved, they all played, ate and had fun together.

Hard to believe that I, yes me, forgot to pull out my camera until most of the people had already left!! Must have been those two sips of champagne, made me silly and tipsy!

We had a beautiful table laden with food. Perfectly gilled burgers and dogs, potato, pasta and Greek salads, chips, chips and more chips all waiting to be dunked into one or more of the fabulous dips, queso, 7-layer Mexican, veggie and spinach-artichoke-cheese...All fabulous! Desserts, OMG! Eclairs, chocolate mousse-filled chocolate puffs, raspberry and custard napolians, chocolate creme-filled roll-ups, a chocolate cream cheese cake, fresh fruit tart, fresh fruit with a luscious raspberry cream, a wonderful chocolate capuccino trifle and cupcakes. The spread was unbelievable as we have some excellent cooks in our group.

Rain, didn't bother us at all. The evening proved to be lots of fun and a wonderful time for everyone.

Julie, Elizabeth & Jill
Charleigh and Bubba Jr. practice their camera skills.
Eammon and Mia singing together on the swing.
Nan & Tully
The big boys.
Slayden being tired and shy.
Such good children.
Eammon practicing, reading a final bedtime story to Mia.

Thank you Jill and Seth for stepping in and hosting, it was a blast!!


  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Man I am jealous of all the get togethers you guys go to! How fun!

  2. Eammon is just way too cute (probably not what a big macho man wants to hear!) None the less - I'm impressed!

  3. Looks like fun. You have inspired me to get involved now w/ our local groups.

  4. You always look like you have a great time! If only I lived closer.......

    Thank goodness I can live vicariously through the pictures.

  5. Looks like you guys had a nice time. I'm hosting our local waiting families potluck this Saturday night. Luckily, it will be a sunny day because I don't have the room to move it inside.
    Enjoy. Michele

  6. Where in Ga. are you located? I'm in Ga. as well, Douglasville. looks like great fun!


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