Monday, August 01, 2005

Meet & greet weekend

Friday night was spent getting the new computer set-up, but after that, our weekend improved dramatically.

Saturday, we were invited to Daphne & Greg's home. We had a fun afternoon and evening, eating and chatting with another CCAI couple. Greg was the grillman of the evening, making some of the best burgers that Eammon & I have had in years! We've never had Bubba Burgers, but let me tell you they were awesome! Greg did a great job cooking them to perfection. The dogs and sausage were good too, but those burgers... They're what make burger fantasies a reality

Sunday, I met Cindy for the first time, and she is also a CCAI mom-to-be. We met at the Cheesecake Factory and spent a couple of hours comparing notes and whinging over the long wait before we have our daughters. Funny thing, we were walking out to our cars and we walked to the same place. She said, this is my car, and I thought, wow we ended up parking right next to one another. So I said the truck? She said no, the Jeep. No...That's my car I said. Oh yeah she said, the tag is different. Her same color, same model, same everything Jeep was a few cars further down the row! Weird Aye?

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  1. Fun! I love meeting adoptive parents. We had dinner Sunday night (Mexican of course) with Kris and David from southern california. It was a blast!

    Glad you had a fun weekend (well after the computer thing...)


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