Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fun filled night!

Last night, Eammon and I hosted a potluck for a few local couples, ( including 2 blogger buddies) all of whom have a DTC date between April & August 2005. We met some really fantastic people, and had a fun evening filled with wonderful food, and lots great laughs. We all had so much fun, we are already planning a get-together for September, and have decided to get together on a monthly basis.

Our poor guests all got tortured with a tour of the painted room which will be baby S's nursery. But they got me back and disclosed to Eammon, my "secret" stash of baby clothes, which now has taken over our guest bedroom closet! His only complaint with the clothing, is not the amount, but the overabundance of pink, pink, pink! Is there ever too much pink in little girl clothing? I think not!! Guess though this means that I'll just have to buy additional outfits in other colors...Maybe Watford colors would appeal to him!?!?

Ahhh, but one my guests must have known, of my love for baby clothing (and pink)...Thank you K for adding such a cute outfit to the Baby S collection!


  1. I see more green then pink!!!!! :)

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Oh my word Lisa! And I thought I was bad. I guess I'll need to buy more clothes! ; )

    I'm jealous you're able to connect with so many other families locally. Not having a lot of luck on that end. But good for you, enjoy the company and it will be fantastic for the baby when you come back with her!

  3. Thank you for post a pic of your closet! Now my closet doesn't look so least I know I'm in good company!


  4. Hi Lisa! Jimmy and I hated to miss the fun saturday,(he cracked a bone in his foot) but I'm glad to hear we'll have another chance in september! I thought I had gone pink crazy, but you may have me beat!

  5. How fun for you and nice that you two hosted that crowd! Wish I lived a little closer!

  6. Hi Lisa, your party looks so FUN! I really wish we lived closer and could bring some homemade salsa to the potluck.

    Oh, and HOW in the world did you amass that many clothes??? Unbelievable. I haven't even bought one piece of clothing or furniture yet. All I have for Funshine is a litle pair of shoes from Stacey and some cute barrettes I found at Target. I had better get on the ball!

  7. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Too funny--I have that exact onesie (the one at the bottom)--my mom gave it to me! so cute!

    karen/ naked ovary


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