Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another week closer to Baby S

Even though we don't expect to hear anything regarding our actual LID (log in date) until referrals arrive later this month, I know that CCAA received our dossier on 7/26. Thus, I expect that by now, we have been logged in and have officially started our 6-7 month waiting period until referral. Many people have said to keep busy during this time, and I have been doing just that.

Earlier in the week, I cleared everything out of the room which is to be Baby S's. My poor dining room, the table is covered with all my books. A futon, computer desk and file cabinet litter the room along with a 5-foot tall stuffed giraffe, a large stuffed elephant and lion. If anyone is in need of a cheap futon and/or computer desk, contact me! The painter got into Baby S's room and did his magic. I had the walls painted lilting laughter, which even though on my monitor, looks like light putty, it really is just a blush of peach. The trim is Oat cake which is more of a putty color. The room glows with the wall color and during the day, I keep thinking that I left a light on in there, but it is just the brightness of the room.

Mid-day Wednesday, my Mom arrived for a 3 day visit from the mecca, for people who are retired. That afternoon, I had the windows measured for new blinds, which should arrive and be installed within the next 3 weeks. My Mom looked at the fabric that I had planned for the window valence, and she convinced me, that it would be better to use it on cornice boards, and I think that is a better option too. I have to wait to make the cornice boards though, as I need to see how far the new blinds extend, so I know how deep I have to make them. Even though I have the fabric for the curtains, I still have not decided on exactly what I want, so we didn't start on those either. Oh well, maybe when she returns at Thanksgiving time, we will do some of the sewing.

Thursday, we went out to the Fickle Pickle, for lunch with my friends Teresa and Mary. Then my Mom and I went and spent lots of time and money at my favorite store, Homegoods. My Mom then bought Baby S this crib. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Friday, after my Mom left, I started clearing out some of the stuff that is littering the dining room. Finding a new place for my 200+ unread books is proving to be an issue. I am a voracious reader, finishing 2-3 books a week. I do not hold onto books once I have read them, but my problem is, I have to read books in the order that the author wrote them, but not necessarily all in one go. For example, if an author wrote 20 books, and I have all the books, except book #2, I will read book 1, but will hold onto books 3-20 until I get and read book number 2. I'm doing this with probably 25 different authors at any given time. I am always going to the used book store and collecting books, and even though I go through them quickly and sell them back, they still pile up. Once again, If anyone needs a cheap futon or computer desk, I'd love to get them out of my dining!!

Saturday for breakfast at Einstein Bros., I met another CCAI mom-to-be, Sonia. We chatted for hours, and it was like we had known each other for years. After breakfast, we went over to a new scrapbook/stamping store to look at all the fun products and to get information on taking a class so that we can make our wish books fun, interesting and beautiful.

Today, I have to work on getting out some fabric and wishes to some of my swap buddies. I love all the fabric and wishes that people have been sending for Baby S's quilt. The fabrics are all lovely and the wishes, beautiful and touching. I love going to my mailbox...Thank you! I also need to continue to clear out the dining room, as I have made plans to have some local, Summer 2005, DTC (Dossier to China) families to my home for a pot-luck in less than 2 weeks! Thus, I have plenty of work to do, to keep my mind off of the long wait to Baby S.


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I love the crib you picked out. I have seen it in online, but never realized until your pic that the dresser detaches from the bed. How fun that you are making everything! Good luck and congrats on being unofficially LID!

    LID 3-2

  2. Dang girl, you win the prize for the most (and coolest) link clickers!!!!! I love that scrapbook shop, it is so CUTE!!!!

  3. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Beautiful color, and I love the name!

    Sounds like you are networking with all kinds of China Moms! I wish I had some in my area!

  4. Love your site!!! I was DTC on 7/21. Waiting with you!


  5. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Yay for new crib--it's so nice! And wall paint--and clearing out baby's room. I've been working on that too, with my mom. There's somepin in the air, methinks.

    Hoping for a speedy LID date!

    Karen/Naked ovary


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