Saturday, July 30, 2005

I'm an addict

Thursday afternoon, referrals are due and I am obsessively stalking some of my favorite bloggers who are due to get the call. The biggie call, the one with the first information about their child and let's not forget the pictures... Ahhh, the pictures that some will receive via email that day, or on Friday via the ever popular and excessively stalked Fedex or DHL carrier.

So what happens? My computer dies! Yes, Dead, Gone, Kaput! Everything is lost! All my email addresses, phone numbers, birthday & anniversary information, favorites list, pictures, recipes and files, gone!!!. Sh*t!! What to do now? Well, of course I was obsessing all night. Had I backed anything up? ... Of course not! Oh yeah and how do I now find out my ING savings account number. I've never written that was on the computer!

So, Friday morning I debated about going to the library to use a computer, but Lucio the painter was at the house painting baby S's room. So in desperation I went to my neighbor Gene, just to get a computer fix. I asked if I could send just *one little* email from his computer. Gene is a star, best neighbor anyone could ask for. He has watched over our home when we've been away, he doesn't complain about anything I do in the yard, he jumps my poor old Volvo whenever needed, he's just an all around good guy. The one scary thing though, his wife Mary knows that he has jumped my car on multiple occasions and has let me know, that it's OK with her, for Gene to jump me whenever needed! Hmmmmm...what an offer!

Well obviously I'm not the only addict in the house. Eammon was desperate to get a new computer ASAP because, who could go through a weekend, without checking the footie (soccer) results. So Friday he did research galore to find a new computer and when he returned home from work, he had the new computer in his hot little hands!

So now at 3:15 Saturday morning, I am seeing all the beautiful babies that have brought joy to the hearts of their new parents. To my readers, please welcome: Nora Mirabella Anwei, Gwendolyn Faye Ying, Gwendolyn Claire and Rachel Elizabeth. Congratulations to all the new parents!! If you want to laugh and cry at the same time, check out Karen when she gets the referral call. Also, a round of congrats to Mary-Mia & Rod, Bonnie, Clyde & Bubba Jr and Jen & Tony, for getting your LID's!!!

Now, for a public service announcement: Don't let this happen to you! Back up your files!

If everyone who knows me would please send an email with your home and/or work email address, your home address, phone numbers, birthday and anniversary information, I promise to take better care of it and back it up. Thanks!


  1. I'm an addict too. I think there is a twelve step program to help us with our "addiction", I think its called Parenthood.

    So glad you were able to get your fix.


  2. Llegué por casualidad aquí, y me alegró mucho la historia de amor que viven. Los felicito. Tengo un blog de maternidad, soy Argentina. My best wishes to your dauther...

  3. Hello my name is Mary-Mia and I'm a blogaholic. I've been surfing since February and I don't think I can give it up.

    Hee!!!! I did just today find what kind of amounts to Blog methodone. It's called Bloglines, and you put all the blogs you're addicted to in it, and it pings you when one of them is updated. It's like your pusher. Anyhow, you're freed from aimless clicking and refreshing.

    Ahhhhhhhhh. I'm in love with Bloglines. If anyone is having trouble using it, email me, because there are many ways to make it do what you want that are not apparent to the casual user.



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