Thursday, July 28, 2005


Yesterday, I went to a fantastic children's consignment store that Daphne let me know about. The store is located in an upscale area of Atlanta, and was chock full of designer baby wear. The store was doing their summer clearance sale, and thus, items were 75% off. On top of that, they were also offering an additional 20% off, and to sweeten the deal even further, they were doing it all tax free, saving me another 7.5%! I love these wealthy families and their cast offs! I was able to purchase Lily Pulitzer, Oilily, Zoodles, Shoo Shoo, Balu, Lapin Bleu, Berlingot, Dolci Momenti, Belugo, cc Bates and Malina, in the end, paying less than $4.75 per outfit. Many of the items that I bought still had the original store tags on them!

There is something that I always find interesting when stores are offering multiple discounts, and it happened again yesterday. In the store, the sales clerk would explain to each person when they arrived about the 75% off clearance, the additional 20% and it being tax free. Well, more than one person said wow...95% off! These people have no clue! One woman that was next to me, said this, and I said, no, it is 80% off. She let me know that 75 and 20 was 95. I know this, I said, but when stores offer this type of discount, they don't add the percentages together! I don't think she quite "got it", but then when she couldn't figure out, in her head, what 80% off each item was, maybe she was still trying to figure out 95% off each item, without pulling out her cell phone calculator, I knew right then and there, she would never get it!

Check out some of Baby Shanahan's new designer duds. I think I have a bit of an animal fetish.


  1. Those outfits are SO CUTE!!!! The little pink and green elephant and monkey ones are just killing me! Too adorable. Your daughter is going to break hearts in those outfits. Wish I lived closer and could go shopping with you. Just wait till I start stocking up on so-adorable-you-could-eat-them baby shoes. :-)

  2. I love the outfits. They are so adorable. Our babies are going to be little head turners. Now we need to go shopping for bows to match.

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm dying here! Those outfits are so adorable!! What sizes did you purchase??????

  4. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I am so in love with Scotty Dog clothes. I dig that outfit.

    And the giraffe dress! Soooooooo cute!

  5. Oh wow! They are so cute. I love good deals! I went to my first children's consignment sale this past spring and it's embarrassing how many outfits I bought and what I spent but the average price was $2.11.

    Glad you had a good time.


  6. Hey Lisa, can you turn on RSS feeds for your site so we can get alerts in Bloglines when you update? It's in Blogger settings under "site feeds." That way I'll know instantly when you have good news that I need to read. :-)

    Happy friday,

  7. Mary-Mia,
    I know better than to compete with you in the shoe category. I concede now, you win!

    Thanks for letting me know about this shop. We have to be careful, if we start shopping together, our husbands won't let us play!

    I am buying 12-24 months. I figure if she is small when we get her, we can stock up while in China.

    I am so happy that I know that we will ge getting a girl as I can start buying all the pretty clothes now, and not have to wait for the referral to see what I can or can't buy!

    Retail's a good thing!


  8. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Oh my god, those are some cute dresses. Adorable.

    karen/naked ovary

  9. Okay, the little pink jumper with the green elephants on it...where did you get that???? That is just too cute for words.


  10. Way too cute!!!! I love them! Unfortunately the best I can do down here so far is the clearance rack at Sears! LOL. Best deal so far for me was a light material, Carters footies pj set... $4.11. But it can be justified (even if we end up with the wrong sizes) if we bought them for next to nothing right??? LOL! I love the clothes.... just soooo sweet!

  11. Guess what?? I take back my words. Later, after I whined in my comment that I wish we had stores like that here, I found one... quite by accident I might add... anywhoooo, I bought three outfits for Gracie... one was a Tommy Hilfeiger (sp) denim overall skirt.. $4.98!! Mint condition!! Glad I read your post otherwise I might not have stopped!! LOL Happy shopping!

    -Lisa :)


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