Monday, September 09, 2013

Relaxing weekend

photo Maisie started her weekend Friday morning with a visit to Tony to get all the kinks worked out of her back and body.  All the hours she puts in at the gym take their toll and Tony’s great at making everything feel loose and good again. 

Saturday began with gymnastics practice and then Maisie spent some time tapping and singing her recent favorite song, The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect.  Lately, I swear that if she’s not flipping and doing gymnastics, she’s tapping a cup. 

photo 1 Saturday afternoon was gorgeous so Maisie and Eammon spent sometime at the pool and then we enjoyed the evening relaxing on the deck.

photo 2 Maisie’s favorite part of the night was enjoying lots of roasted marshmallows. 

3ebfcafe18fe11e383e322000aa8200d_7 Sunday was another relaxing day, starting with a little time at the pool.  Then mid-afternoon Maisie was back in the gym as her new floor routine was being choreographed.  The music and the routine are both really suited to Maisie and she loves it.  I can’t wait to see it all put together and her competing with it. 

After a good weekend little Maisie’s ready to be back on schedule for another full week of school and gymnastics practice.

Finally, I posted a new recipe over on Cook Lisa Cook.  Today is my Secret Recipe Club reveal day and this month I made some absolutely delicious Carrot & Sweet Potato Pancakes which we managed to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as snacks as they were so wonderful.  Click on the picture or the link to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.




  1. Loved Maisie doing the cups song! So impressive! Bri loves that song too, but she's ever attempted the cup movement. So cool!

  2. OH MY GOSH to the cup song! How ever did she learn to do that??? I actually have the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect and we like it too! I'm beyond impressed.

  3. I need a day like this too. Can I come along next time. The food looks delicious. You are amazing. Love you!


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