Thursday, April 04, 2013

Maisie as Anne Frank

photo (4)e Today Maisie and her 3rd grade classmates did a living history museum and each student presented as a famous person from history, using the books in the Who Was book series.  Last Thursday each child picked a book and Maisie chose to read and learn about Anne Frank.  Maisie read the book Who Was Anne Frank, she also watched Masterpiece Theater:  The Diary of Anne Frank (a good version for the younger set as it doesn’t get too graphic though it tells the story up until they were discovered in the Secret Annex), this past Tuesday we visited the local Anne Frank in the World Exhibit and last May when we were in Amsterdam, we toured The Anne Frank House, visiting the Secret Annex.

Maisie really got into her project and has had endless questions about Anne Frank and wants to learn even more about her.  For their project today, the children had to read their book, make a poster and then dress up & present as their person.

The children did one presentation for just their teacher and classmates (the one I videoed) and then they opened up the “museum” and using just their posters, did a shorter presentation for the children in other grades as they passed through.  The video is a long one but IMHO, totally worth watching to the end as I think my girl did an A-Maisie-ing job!  Enjoy!

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Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

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  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I can't believe that she is only seven because that presentation is better than what my 7th grade students present. She is one amazing girl!


  2. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Oh my goodness, Maisie did such a wonderful job portraying Anne Frank! Thank you so much to your amazing, intelligent, sweet daughter, for telling the story of a young girl, whose life and the unfathomable reason for her death (and the death of six million others) should never be forgotten.

    I've been following your blog for years, watching Maisie grow up into the amazing girl she is, and although I don't personally know your lovely family in "real life", I feel so proud of Maisie nonetheless. She truly is a special girl, who will surely grow up into a remarkable, kind-hearted woman one day and will no doubt will do great things in her lifetime. For one, I wouldn't be surprised if we all see gymnast Maisie in the Olympics one day, proudly representing our country. :)

    Thank you for sharing Maisie's excellent presentation with us all. I'm sure Anne Frank and all her family would be very proud to know Maisie chose to learn about her, and to share her life story and the history it teaches, with others.

  3. Ms Maisie is one smart cookie! My 7 year old is in first grade, and he couldn't believe that the poised little girl presenting was his age :)

  4. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Wow Maise did really great. I watched part. Looks at up every couple of minutes etc.. really great. Good reader and great subject Anne Frank. She is so cute.


  5. Totally awesome! She is so cute. I remember my kids doing a very similar thing back when they were that age. She is growing up so much! I hope you are feeling okay. Sending my love.


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