Monday, January 10, 2011

We live where?

I thought that I lived in the deep south where the winters were short, just a tad cold and snow was just something people wished for so that dreams of a white Christmas could be had.  Last night, here in Atlanta we were blanketed with about 6-inches of snow and then today we got freezing rain on top of it.  Anyone who knows me at all knows that I do *not* like winter, cold weather, snow, being out in the white stuff and shoveling… Fuggedaboutit! 

IMG_4900Check out the view from my back door this morning.  To some it’s a winter wonderland but to me, well I’m thinking that when I moved down from New England I just didn’t go quite far enough south.

Usually when it snows here in Atlanta it’s just a dusting and within a few hours it all melts.  Unfortunately we’re not expecting to see temps above freezing until maybe Tuesday afternoon if we’re lucky, and then just barely above freezing and for only a few hours.  It may be Saturday before we get above freezing so that the stinking snow and ice can melt! 

IMG_4903bI decided that it was better to only have a thin sheet of ice to deal with instead of six-inches of frozen solid icy snow so I got out early before the freezing rain started and cleared off my car, shoveled the walkway to the front door and cleared enough of the driveway to get in and out.  It may be a few days though before we actually venture out but at least it’s done.  So you ask where’s Eammon for all this shoveling?  Well  Eammon is sitting pretty and warm in a lovely hotel room in Houston…Okay so really he’s working hard and in meetings all day and night but he’s away from the cold and the snow for the week and didn’t have to participate in my shoveling adventure the southern way*.

IMG_4916Maisie was a huge bright spot for me in the dark bleakness of the snow.

IMG_4923Though I’m not a snow lover, all the children couldn’t get enough of it and played for hours outside helping Steve build an igloo.

dance1aAfter a morning playing in the snow it was time to warm up with hot chocolate and lunch followed by a few rounds of Just Dance.  Once all the children were full and warm they headed back outside for more playtime.

By 4PM, after being outside for seven+ hours, the children were done, tired and hungry.  Anne and I put together a nice dinner from food we had on hand and what we both had in our freezers so we all ate and played until it was time for bed. 

All the main roads are a sheet of ice and the secondary roads haven’t been plowed and are thick iced over snow.  School for tomorrow has already been cancelled and we won’t be venturing out anywhere so another fun day of play for all the children.

* Using a digging shovel and a push broom.


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Awww you've made the best of it. Welcome to my world. (Though I'm certain our plowing gets done more quickly).

    I actually sprang for snow removal service this year so I don't have to shovel anything above 1.5 inches. Just awesome!

    Enjoy it, but hope it melts for you soon.

  2. I see that the kids are all wearing snowsuits!! You don't get much winter, but how come they all have snowsuits???? LOL
    Sadly, we have lots of snowsuits here!!

    Snick :)

  3. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Michael can't stand it either - he wouldn't even let me take his picture in it. April loved it though. I don't even own a pair of boots or gloves at this point - maybe I should buy some.


  4. Awe, see now, I would take your snow day anytime over Aruba. LOL! Sorry you are snowed in and hating the cold, but looks like the kids don't mind one single bit. :)

  5. try to enjoy it, may not come back for another 150 years. At least it will be great memories for Maisie!

  6. Ugh...all I got for ya ;0)

    Ah well, at least Maisie looks great in the midst of it all.

    Hunker down -

  7. I hope the big melt has started for you!

    LOVE Maisie's snowsuit! Sounds like a fun day for the kids! :o)


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