Monday, January 24, 2011

May I have white please…

IMG_5046While out today I found these cute pink plastic champagne flutes which I thought Maisie would love to have in her play kitchen and since they were two for a dollar I figured that I would be a big spender and get some for her.  I couldn’t wait to give them to her so when I picked her up from school I told her that when she finished her homework, I had a surprise waiting for her.  Once home Maisie blew through her homework and couldn’t wait to see her surprise.  I brought out the flutes and her eyes lit up.   Pink, a heart and best of all “adult” glasses for her kitchen… What more could my little-who-thinks-she’s-grown-girly-girl want!! 

Maisie knows that the items in her kitchen are just for pretend and that we never put them to, or into our mouths but she asked if she could actually drink out of these glasses and I said sure, that I would wash them and she could use them at the counter.  Once I washed the glasses I asked her what she’d like to drink thinking that she’d say ice water but instead she said, “may I have white please.”  That sort of caught me off guard as I don’t even drink alcohol so hearing those words come out of Maisie’s mouth made me laugh as I know where she got that one…Anne!!!  My response was “white what?” to which she responded, “milk.”  If that’s the white she’s asking for, I have no problems at all.  She did ask to clink glasses and we said cheers and then she happily drank her “white.”  

IMG_5050Between when we arrive home from school and when she has to be changed and out the door for gymnastics, we only have an hour and ten minutes.  Because she blew through her homework so quickly we had a bit of additional time to play and what did she want to do?  Well another glass of white and more glass clinking, cheers and of course pinkies up, she’s one funny girl.

Maisie’s first day back at school (in what seems like forever), followed by a three hour gymnastics practice made for one knackered little girl tonight.  We arrived home from gymnastics practice at 7PM, she ate dinner, got washed and dressed for bed, read a chapter in her book, did nighttime with both Eammon and I and was fast asleep by 7:45.  Hopefully she’ll get a good night’s rest because she has one busy week ahead of her.  I was looking at her school schedule for the week and she has four tests this week, what a return to reality!!  Tuesdays test is phonics, Wednesday is English and Thursday she has both a social studies and a spelling test.  I’ll tell you her spelling test is a bit tricky this week as they’re doing “ight” and “ite” words and it’s not always easy to remember the difference between words like “right” as in right hand and “write” as in to write your name especially when they’re on the same test.  We went through her 15 spelling words during homework time and she got 13 of them correct the first time through so by Thursday she should have no problems at all.  But still for a first grader, four tests in one week (shoot I don’t remember *any* tests in first grade) and especially after not really being in school for seven weeks, crazy I tell you but I guess it’s back to the grind.


  1. Four tests in one week -- ugh, poor Maisie!! I don't remember tests either when I was a kid (well, shoot, though, I don't remember much from elementary school -- sad but true)

  2. I agree.. 4 test is one one.. ugh. Love the glasses. Those are too cute.

  3. It's amazing what kids are expected to do at such a young age.

    LOVE the glasses with 'white'. So cute!!!

  4. Oy, 4 tests in one week is a bit much! Thankfully, our school doesn't do grades until 3rd grade, and they manage the homework/study workload rather well (IMHO), because I can just imagine the crying, whining and yelling (from me!) that would go on in our house otherwise :-)
    Best of luck to cute little Ms M this week!

  5. Those glasses are awesome!!!! I want some.

    Love the white. Maylin asks for chocolate. Wish she would go for white once in a while.

    How are you feeling?

  6. The story about "May I have white, please" is just too funny! Maisie is absolutely precious.

  7. Way too cute! Love the pinky sticking up. What a sweet, sweet girl you have there!

    Wow...4 tests! I complained in grade 6 when I began having nightly math homework. Times sure have changed. I'm sure you smart little girl...13 right the first time!...will do great!


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