Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starting the celebrations early

photo (1)Last night we met up with Ilene, Michael & April for a delicious dinner at a new Chinese/Japanese/Mongolian grill place to do an early Valentine’s and Chinese New Year celebration.  The girls had a blast playing and giggling together and the adults enjoyed our time together too.  Getting out with friends was a perfect ending to one very-long-week. 

So what made our week so long?  Getting back into the swing of school and gymnastics after essentially seven weeks off really kicked not only Maisie’s tush but mine too.  A full week of school and her new schedule at the gym of 3-three hour gymnastics practices per week was a shock to our laid-back schedule.  We made it through the week even though a couple of nights found me crawling into bed to do night time with Maisie and not getting out again until the alarm went off in the morning.  Maisie’s new schedule has had one positive outcome, my girl who fights going to sleep like nobody’s business was asleep within minutes of getting into bed each night as she was one tired little girl.

I did have one night that I stayed up late as I decided that I needed some adult time out so I did a ladies night out dinner.  It was nice meeting up with a group of new ladies as well as a couple of ladies whom I’ve know for a number of years but haven’t seen in ages.  I’m looking forward to doing this again next month as it was good fun.

IMG_5069In addition we’ve had people working in the house everyday still doing repairs from the water line that broke back in December.

IMG_5070Also being repaired are some nail pops in our cathedral ceilings and the boxes and edges around all the new skylights, both from when the new roof was put on back in November.  So with seven skylights in the house it meant that work was being done in most rooms and in the other rooms is all the piled up stuff that was moved from where the water line burst.  Needless to say, right now it’s like we’re living in a combination of a construction zone and a storage shed with the icing on the cake being the nice little coating of plaster dust which seems to be everywhere and getting rid of it, well that’s near impossible. 

One day soon I know my dream of an organized and clean house will become a reality…oh the dream!


  1. Cute picture of the girls. I just love Maisie, she's such a great kid. Sounds like you guys really enjoyed your off time without a busy schedule. It's hard to get back in the swing of things after a nice break. Looking forward to hearing how Maisie does in gymnastics this year.


  2. Cute pictures. I hear ya about gymnastics. It is nice though because Maddie goes right to sleep now instead of playing around. That's the one good thing about 4 days a week :).

  3. Lisa..I accidentally deleted your comment "I subscribe via google reader" on my blog. Can you please re comment that for me?? Sorry :( Good luck on the chocolate giveaway!!!

  4. Can I just tell you how JEALOUS I am?! I am itching to do something with my house. Today I bought some 5 dollar sheers that were green and added them to the off shite swag I have at my bathroom was nice, but it didn't fix the craving. Keep posting and I will live through you!

    Maise sure is growing.


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