Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gracie came to play!

Today, gymnastics teammate Gracie came over to swim and play with Maisie. What a fun-filled day and the girls never wanted it to end. Our day started with Gracie's Mom and I taking Gracie, Maisie, K & A to the pool where they all had a blast playing in the water, eating pizza and scarfing down cookies. After three hours at the pool K & A had to leave for their piano lessons and feeling that we had all had enough sun, Gracie, Maisie, Dawn and I headed back to the house where the girls had fun playing on the gymnastics bar, the beam, playing pretend school and of course wearing a little Princess wear. It was a great day filled with so much fun and we hope that Gracie will come to play again. Of course Maisie never gets enough of her friends and as soon as Gracie left she was out playing with K & A again. Our day finally started to wind down as I prepared a late dinner and Maisie, K & A had fun playing a final game of Twister.

Gracie at the pool.

Maisie has become a little fish in the water.

K always strikes a pose for the camera.

A and Maisie always seem to be side-by-side.

Gracie & Maisie, two silly girls on the bar.

The girls love gymnastics.

Such a sense of Princess fashion!

Maisie & K twisting to A's directions.

Tomorrow starts a busy weekend for Maisie of Elite gymnastics camp so it was fun having all these days "off" to just have fun and play with friends.


  1. That is just what I want to do: swimming and scarfing down cookies! Yum. So glad they are good friends. They are so cute together. And I haven't played twister in years. I don't even know if I could do it now.

  2. LOL! LOVE the princess wear! Looks like a really fun day. I'm ready for some warmer weather after seeing your pool pics. It's getting a little warmer here, but it still has been a mostly cool and rainy summer so far.


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