Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bowling and food

Saturday night we met up with Lisa, Doug & Briana for a fun night of dinner, bowling and ice cream. We had two lanes, one with bumpers and one without. We started with Eammon & Doug on the bumper-less lane and Lisa, Briana, Maisie and I on the lane with bumpers and trust me, more than anyone else I needed those bumpers! Eammon and Doug finished their game in the time it took the four of us girls to bowl four frames so then they took over with the little girls and Lisa & I played our one string on the bumper-free lane and for the record, Lisa rocked, finishing with almost double my pitiful score. The adults then switched back so that Lisa and I finished the first string with the little girls and the guys started another game. After that Lisa and I were done so we sat back and watched the girls & the guys bowl another string. I haven't been bowling in years and this was Maisie's first go at it and we all had fun...but of course Eammon managed to hurt his back and has had to run off today to get a massage, but if you know him...what else is new!

Cell phone pictures again.
Two little cutie-patooties ready to bowl.

Imagine the embarrassment when we all showed up wearing the same designer shoes!!

Briana in position and ready to bowl.

Maisie's ready too.

Look at that follow-through.

Hoping to make the split.

Maisie and Briana liked working together and raced to get the ball for each other.

After bowling we headed across the street to Dairy Queen where we all enjoyed some ice cream and then the girls were like little teenagers, deciding to sit at their own table, iPhones in hand, heads together and having a blast together. Doug with his fancy new iPhone captured this video. It took the employees switching off the lights for the evening to get us out of the place. It was a good night, the girls were great together and we all had fun.

Yesterday Maisie was fooling around trying to do splits on the beam.

Harvested from the garden, basil, zucchini and spinach. Zucchini, spinach lasagna is on the menu for tonight!

Today's harvest of cucumbers. Maisie decided to sell them to the neighbors for 10 cents each. We also begged sent asked those same neighbors to go into the garden and pick some spinach!!

Our neighbors were quite generous and Maisie walked away with $7.

The finished zucchini, spinach lasagna. Oh my gosh is it delicious and the spinach seems to have disappeared and the zucchini is so tender and has absorbed so much of the sauce that you can't really tell that it's there either. Maisie declared "Mama this lasagna is even better than Tiffany's!" Trust me, that is super high praise because the last time we were in SLC, my girl couldn't get enough of Tiffany's lasagna and has remembered it ever since.

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  1. OK..your lasagna looks wonderful! Can you post your recipe for it?
    I am so impressed with your garden. I wish I was your neighbor:)

  2. We sure had fun, didn't we? I loved watching the girls interact that night. They are so cute!

    Those cucumbers are HUGE! Oh my gosh! What gorgeous veggies.

    I totally trying your recipe for the lasagna. Yum!

    Good luck with week. Thinking of you...

  3. I am so glad you posted about going bowling. We have been talking about this for weeks and were wondering if Dare was old enough. This could very well be his 4th Bday party....

  4. WOw! I love to bowl, but I am not good at it.

    The vegies look fantastic. Way to go little money maker.


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