Friday, June 04, 2010

The 10.5 hour play date

Today Lisa & Briana came over for a little play date and girls lunch. We played, went out for a fun sushi and dumpling lunch, played some more and before we knew it dinner time was around the corner. We didn't want our fun day to end so we decided to invite the Dads to join us at the end of their work day and all was arranged. Doug came straight from work to our house and not long after, Eammon arrived.  We then headed out for a delicious dinner of spicy Chinese food.  After dinner we returned to our house where the girls changed into pajamas, played some more, read some books and then it was time for our tired little girls to end their day.

Lisa and Briana arrived at 10am and Bri immediately wanted to put on a Princess dress, shoes and tiara. I don't know how I missed it in pictures but there were numerous costume changes by both girls throughout the day, Princess and fairy wear, always fun!

IMG_1411  AFun times drawing, coloring & writing together.

IMG_1412  BTwo little monkeys on the bar.

IMG_1414  C Being silly was fun too.

IMG_1422  D Snack time and squeezing their heads together.

IMG_1425 E School time with Maisie teaching Briana how to underline special blended sounds in words.

IMG_1431  F Good students and teachers get Popsicle treats.

IMG_1435  G Play-doh was the perfect arts & crafts activity.

IMG_1447  H In their pajamas reading one last book together.

It was a fun day with friends and though we didn't want it to end, by 8:30 PM we had two very tired little girls.  Hopefully Bri fell asleep on the drive home and was easily transferred to her bed and is now, like Maisie, fast asleep for the night.  A fabu play date and a great way to end the week!


  1. LOL! I still can't believe we had a 10.5 hour play date! Bri had so much fun. Thanks for hosting us for an entire day!

    These pictures are so stinkin' cute. Can you believe how big the girls are getting? Hope to see you and Miss M very soon!!!

  2. That's a long play date! I kept waiting for the picture of the two in the middle of some sort of melt down with each other, but it looks like they lasted all day long as best buddies. What little cuties!


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