Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday with Maisie

Maisie and I had another wonderful day together today with nothing other than an afternoon gymnastics practice on the schedule. Once again Maisie slept in a little later than normal but considering that she went to bed at close to 10 last night, I'm not surprised. Our morning started with a super long bath for Maisie while I showered. For a girl who once hated baths she now asks for them and wants to play in the tub for hours. Once we were both clean and dressed we started our day

It was a little steamy outside today and I had no where that I wanted, or needed to go and I just really wanted a play day with my girl so we played inside. We had fun as we turned on some music and Maisie dressed in one of her Princess outfits and we danced to Vivaldi and some Strauss waltzes. Oh yeah and check out one of her recent favorite fashion accessories, strands of beads hanging from her hair. What's up with that?? Not sure where she picked up that one but she does it all the time and thinks she's hot stuff so we go with it. We played some board games, dressed magnetic Princesses in gowns and bling, read a few books and also did a little computer time, both checking our email. For brunch we feasted on leftover quiche and I again enjoyed more fresh figs.

Maisie loves using our Wii Fit and one of her favorites is the hula hoop game. Her old hula hoop was no longer even close to round so yesterday we bought a new one and she's getting pretty good at it especially considering she has no bum or hips to help keep it up. She just lurves her hula hoop and practiced it over and over all day long!

This picture was taken after nap (woohoo two days in a row of naps...even if it was for a mere 35 minutes) just before we left for gymnastics practice and I'm not sure what she was doing but she said she was comfortable. Silly little girl!

Maisie had a great gymnastics practice and then we stopped at the store to pick up some items for dinner. Ribeye steaks on the grill, saffron rice, Aegean Edamame Salad and marinated veggies for dinner, a nice way to end a really good day.


  1. Wow! She makes the hoop look easy!! :o)

  2. Hi. I enjoy your blog so much. YOu are so creative. Masie is a doll. I am a mom to a Korea born baby. My site is www.AwishforAudrey.blogspot.com. It's private. If you would like to see it can you e-mail your e-mail address to Lng@Americangrace.com

    Thank for lots of fun reading.

    Laurie Ng


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