Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rocking the plaid

When I first realized that Maisie would have to wear a uniform to school I was quite bummed, especially as I have so many cute, adorable and fun clothes that fit her now and even more just waiting for her to grow into. Thankfully in addition to "official" school uniforms, her school also allows the children to wear any color plaid and I'm running with that one. I've never really been a plaid lover but I've come around some and have to say that each morning when Maisie gets dressed for school I just smile as I can't help thinking how stinkin' adorable she looks. Maisie on the other hand absolutely loves her uniforms and will ask to wear specific items each day. Her favorite though is the watermelon skirt which she wore the first day of school as she loves that it matches her friend Katie's.

I really haven't had anything oh-too-new or exciting to blog about this week. Maisie has had her usual busy schedule, she's loving and doing real well at school, really enjoys her ballet & tap class, totally loves her gymnastics practices and daily complains that she misses gymnastics camp and wants to return with her friends K & A joining her. Eammon continues to have crazy late work hours so we see little of him but hopefully the crazy hours will end sometime soon. Honestly though I have nothing to complain about so overall I'd have to say it's been a great week. We have a few plans for the weekend which should be fun but Saturdays will only happen if the weather cooperates and is nice so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a beautiful and dry day.

Since there's nothing overly exciting happening to blog about, this will be a short post with lots of Maisie rocking the plaid pictures, enjoy!


  1. Your school uniforms are so cute! And so many choices! I worked at a Catholic school and we just haad the standard blue/green plaid with some thin red stripes.

    Then again, Maisie would make any uniform look cute.

  2. LOVE all the plaid! Of course, Maisie could wear a brown back and rock it! The plaid brings back memories of my Catholic high school days.

  3. Oops... I meant to say brown BAG!

  4. Who knew there were so many cute plaid dresses and skirts out there? I had no idea!

  5. Wow, I love your school's uniform policy! Maisie looks so cute in her school clothes...and so grown-up!

  6. She looks so cute in all that plaid!!

  7. Too cute! LOVE her :)

    It's good to hear that school is going well!


  8. This girl could be, I mean is a model. Too stinkin cute!


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