Friday, August 14, 2009

Bathing beauties

Life with Maisie since my last post has been basically good but very trying. All of a sudden Maisie's total attitude, drama, naughtiness, demanding, pushing limits and boundaries and out to drive both Eammon and I crazy. Her sleep has been poor, waking up multiple
times during the night screaming and then she's unable to fall back to sleep quickly and totally not wanting to be alone in her own bed. For about the past two weeks she had been doing well sleeping in her own bed but two out of the past three nights she's ended up sleeping with me so needless to say, we're both exhausted. Thankfully it hasn't all been naughtiness and drama and we've had some good fun too.

Thursday was a very exciting day for Maisie as we went to her new school's open house where she met her teacher Miss. Nancy as well as her classmates. Her class will have eight students, six girls and two boys and one of the little girls whom she took to immediately was also adopted from China. During the orientation Maisie also saw Kaity whom she knows from gymnastics and is very excited that she'll have phys.ed with Kaity and that Kaity's Mom Joyce (whom she also knows) will be her instructor. Having someone there that she knew made the experience so much easier and Maisie's excited to start on Monday. Thursday afternoon was of course gymnastics practice again and no matter how good or bad Maisie's day is going, when she's at the gym she's focused, happy and just always has a great time. I'm excited as Maisie and her teammates were all measured for their team leotard. Last years leo was so adorable, I can't wait to see what they'll be wearing this year.

Today Lisa & Briana came over for a fun little play date. The girls played inside with all the toys for a while but the siren call of the pool soon had us all outside. Even though we have a nice big pool in our subdivision it's so easy with the little ones to just have the blow-up pool on the deck so that Lisa and I could sit comfortably and chat while the girls played. The girls had fun in the play house, the pool, playing with the hose and on the spinning rocket. Originally when we planned the play date I had mentioned that I'd have a pizza delivered for lunch but instead I decided to make some grilled pizzas and Lisa & Bri both seemed to enjoy them. Maisie's playtime ended abruptly when she became very naughty and wouldn't listen so she was put to bed for an early nap and she did end up sleeping well. Bri was so good and happy playing with Maisie's toys which she said "were cool" that even while Maisie napped, Lisa and Bri stayed and it was nice being able to visit for a while longer.

We have a busy Saturday but a quiet Sunday and then Monday is the first day of school and ballet & tap class resumes!! Overall it's been a very fun two weeks of Mummy & Maisie time and I will miss being able to spend so much time together with such a relaxed schedule but I think we both thrive when our schedule and days are full. Makes it so special when we do get extended down time together and allows us to appreciate our time together that much more.


  1. Thanks so much for having us over Lisa! It was so nice and relaxing today, and Bri had the best time playing with Maisie. Your grilled pizzas were delish! We had a great morning/afternoon. We need to do it again soon!

  2. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Hope the 'tude goes away!

    Good luck to Miss M with school - sounds very exciting!

  3. The girls are so cute together!


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