Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moments with Maisie in bullets

  • Last Wednesday for the first time in ages, drought stricken Atlanta experienced some decent rainfall. Maisie and I were driving home from gymnastics and Maisie said to me, "Mummy your tires are on water that means you're hydroplaning." Sure enough she heard the sound of me hitting a puddle and a tire was hydroplaning. I know I've told her about this in the past but it's been ages since we've had rain and that she remembered it blew me away!
  • Last Thursday I spent the morning doing a deep cleaning in Maisie's bedroom because that afternoon her big girl bed mattress & box spring were going to be delivered and I wanted to move out and clean up as much as possible. Thursday and Friday nights Maisie was totally despondent that I wouldn't allow her to sleep on her new mattress. On top of that she was totally out of sorts sleeping in her crib as I had moved it to the opposite side of her room.
  • Friday I had to email Eammon to let him know that Maisie was really his child. Why do I say that? Because Maisie was walking around the house talking about a Van de Graaff generator. See one time after sliding down a plastic slide Maisie's hair was standing on end and Eammon happened to mention to her, that she was generating static electricity and that the slide was acting as her own personal Van de Graaff generator. I'm telling you, the girl never forgets anything.
  • Saturday Maisie's big girl furniture was delivered and her bed was put together. She was so excited but a little afraid and wanted Mummy to sleep in bed with her. Thankfully I bought for her, the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. We snuggled together in her new Princess bed and had a fun little sleepover.
  • Saturday morning after her furniture was delivered Maisie and I headed to the Dairy to spend the morning with friends. Immediately following the dairy, Maisie and I rushed home to pick up a birthday pressie for one of Maisie's classmates and then headed to Peyton's fun birthday party. file1file6file7
  • On Sunday Eammon was cleaning out the pool and he asked Maisie if she would like to help him. Her response: "No, but thank you" I love how she answers things.
  • Though Maisie napped alone Sunday afternoon in her big girl bed, at bedtime she wanted her Mummy. I did lay with her until she fell asleep but she then spent the remainder of the night alone.
  • When someone does something that just isn't the brightest thing to do or they really screw up, I have a tendency to say, "are you kidding me??" Well Maisie has picked that phrase up from me. I have to laugh when she uses it especially since 95% of the time when she'll use it, it's times where I would have used it too, it's not just something she's saying for the heck of it.
  • Tomorrow begins three days of celebrating as Friday is Maisie's 3rd birthday!! I can't believe how much she has grown and what a big girl she is become. Party piccis will hopefully be up in a timely manner!!


  1. Maisie is such a smart and funny girl! Love all the stuff she pics up!

    Happy Birthday one day early Maisie!!!

  2. Wow... she really has a great memory! So smart.

    I cannot believe Maisie will be three!!! Where has the time gone???

    Happy Birthday to Maisie!


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