Thursday, October 02, 2008

From the mouth of Maisie

Maisie's recently come out with some real corkers and for prosperity sake I'm posting about them.

These first two comments are generally said in the car when we're stuck in traffic or when Maisie's feeling the driver's frustration:

Move your tush you muppet*!

Oh come on, what'ca doing sunshine**?

Maisie is very competitive with both Eammon and I, so many times we're racing around seeing who can do something first. For example, we may all be in the bedroom and Eammon will say, "who's going to get to the kitchen first?" I'll shout "ME" and as Maisie pushes by both of us she'll shout "We shall see!!"

Back over the summer we were driving around one day running errands and we passed by the church where Maisie attended camp. She pointed and said "that's Maisie's church" to which I replied, "no, that was your camp but other people go to church there." Then we passed by her school and she pointed and said "that's Maisie's church" to which I replied, "no, that's your school but other people go to church there." Then close to our house she pointed at yet another church and told me it was LiLi's church to which I replied "yes, that is LiLi's church." After thinking for a moment she asked "where's Maisie's church?" I just casually said to her "we don't have a church, we're just heathens." By that point we had arrived home and the conversation ended and I totally forgot about it...until about two weeks later. We were in the middle of a crowded Target and Maisie was in the buggy looking around then blurted out loudly, "Mama, you're a heathen." I looked at her stunned and she then said, "Maisie's a heathen too!" Oh yeah, we got some looks! I really have to watch what I say around that girl.

IMG_3490 Tuesday we were out and Maisie needed to use the bathroom so off we went to what turned out to be a multi-stall room. We walked in and Maisie right away said "Whew, somebody dropped a real big stinker in here!" Yes she said it very loudly and the poor person who "dropped the stinker" was still in the bathroom. Unfortunately I couldn't just turn around and walk out as Maisie really needed the bathroom but I was thankful that Ms. Stinker finished and left before Maisie was done so I didn't have to look her in the eyes! This little gem of Maisie's I'm blaming on Eammon as it's not something I say and I can't imagine where else she would have picked up such a comment.

Today we had our first morning where it was actually cool and comfortable outside, hallelujah! I was so happy to dress Maisie in this top and skirt as I feel like I've been waiting years for it to finally fit her. I find Carter's brand clothing to run really big but when I purchased this outfit I thought it would surely fit her last autumn as it's size 12 months! Here we are a year later, Maisie's just about to turn three and the outfit is almost fitting her. The skirt is still a little big around the waist but I figure it's now or never on this outfit and I think it's so cute I just have to have her wear it.

* "Muppet" is Eammon's "swear word" in the car
** "Sunshine" is my "swear word" in the car.


  1. This whole post just has me cracking up. Sure does make me look forward to what gaffs of mine will come out of my kiddo's mouth.

    Heh, I call the crab-arses in my life 'sunshine' all the time. Funny.

    Gotta love that girl.

  2. too funny!!!
    Muppet and Sunshine as swears words..I want to pull out in front of you or your hubby sometime as I always wanted to be called a Muppet or Sunshine:)
    Love the outfit!!

  3. That's cute and funny. Her hair is so looks like it's coming in thick! I can't believe she's almost 3!!!

  4. Too cute! They grow up to fast. Elina has been repeating my road rage verbage. It's not pretty and I'm watching what I say now.

  5. Hahahah! What a funny kiddo you have!

  6. So funny! What a cute Heathen she is too! :)

  7. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Snort! If you're a heathen and you know it clap your hands . . .

    ; )

  8. Can't.stop.laughing. That is so hilarious!

    Love her little outfit!

  9. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I just had the best time laughing!!! I have had some pretty funny things times with EK too. I think the stinky one was my favorite! The truth hurts doesn't it? So hilarious!!! Hope you have a great Friday!!!

  10. That is truly funny!!!!!! She is such a darling.

  11. Heh! Why is it they pick up the stuff we'd rather they didn't? :o) So many cute things about this post. Thanks for sharing them and the smiles they brought!

  12. Hilarious! Muppet?! That's funny!!

    You wait... there'll be more pearlers to come - that's for sure! Harry says top note, the other day, when he saw a man with an amputated leg "Hey, man, where's your leg?!" And after staring at the missing leg for a while he says "Man! That's freakin me out!"... yeah that was embarrassing!

  13. What a cute little smile she has! Love her accessories too.

  14. Muppet? Sunshine? Dropped a stinker?

    I'm gonna use all of them :)

    LOVE the cuteness of her... LOVE it!

  15. LOL! G just used the word "nuts" as a swear word yesterday as in "Oh nuts."


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