Friday, October 24, 2008


Maisie has attitude with a capital A!!

IMG_4343 I thought that if we could make it through the terrible twos life would calm down a bit but the horrible threes are here and it honestly doesn't seem all that different... other than the fact that we've now added major attitude! Maisie has become fiercely independent wanting to do do everything by herself. Of course it's usually when we're running late and need to hurry that she gets fiercely stubborn and wants to do things her way and at her speed. It's oh so interesting when I ask her to hurry or do something quickly, how she'll immediately slow down and go as slowly as possible. Thankfully she's still small enough where I can pick her up and move her along at my speed when necessary.

IMG_4345 I do have to admire her persistence though at working through problems one step at a time even if it does take f.o.r.e.v.e.r! She sometimes gets frustrated with problems or new situations but once we've worked it through she's set and then never needs help again. Maisie loves to learn and seems to be picking things up at record pace. She recognizes, knows the sound and also the ASL sign for all the letters of the alphabet. She can count and sign the numbers 1 - 20. She is starting to write some letters, mostly the straight line ones. She's been working on A, C, E, F, H, I, L, M, N, O, T, V, W, X & Z and when she wants, they look really good.

Maisie's command of English is amazing for a three year old, using and understanding words and concepts that are far beyond what all the books say a three year old generally uses. Even her Pediatrician commented on this fact when I took her in today for her 3 year visit. Speaking of 3 year visits, Maisie is now 36 1/2-inches tall and weighs in at a whopping 26 1/2 pounds. This puts her on the U.S. charts at 35th percentile for height and 9th percentile for weight. Overall the doctor said that she's healthy and looking great...What more could a Mom want to hear!!

At the Pediatrician today Maisie received one follow-up shot for hepatitis just after both Maisie and I received our flu vaccine in the form of a nasal mist. How cool it was that I was able to get my flu vaccine at the Pediatricians office and without a needle!!


  1. well she is absolutely adorable attitude and all!

  2. OMG, you were soooo right. She does have attitude! LOVE the outfit!!! Wanna pass it down to Chani when Maisie's through??? Huh?? LOL

  3. Her outfit matches her attitude! Gotta love a sassy girl! She's smart and beautiful...what a combination!


  4. Kate from "Jon and Kate plus 8" said it best, "three is the new two". That was true for both of my big girls, and Ally is following suite! Lucy

  5. Oh no! Kathy gets the outfit after me! LOL!!! Maisie looks so cute!

    So glad you got a good report at the doctor's office. I am going to request the nasal spray for Briana when we go to the pediatrician. It would be nice to go to the doctor at least one time without her getting a shot!

  6. Maisie sure looks cute in that sassy outfit. She is looking older now that she is 3... Linda

  7. wow she's grown up SO much and is so adorable- tudage and all!!

  8. Wait just a minute now -- a nasal mist for the flu vaccine?! Oh I am going to inquire about this RIGHT NOW.

  9. Maisie looks so adorable! That outfit is sassy, cute!

    I wish ALL shots came as a spray. That would be nice.

  10. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Ah, yes, attitude. April and Maisie could compare notes (and I wouldn't want that to happen :)


  11. Oh my goodness...she is just so gosh darned cute! I just love the pink and black outfit with the feathers. She looks like one of my middle school students. So happy to hear that you all are doing well. I stop by often to check in on you guys. Enjoy a great halloween.
    Bailey & Liliana :o)

  12. I just love her! Her attitude gives her spunk that makes her stand out from the rest!

  13. love that outfit, definitely sassy!

  14. That outfit has attitude! Very darling. It is so funny how we want them to be independant, but then at the same time their indipendance can drive you wild. That is so cool she knows ASL. That is great. She gets prettier all the time.

  15. Love the adorable outfit!!!
    Happy Halloween!!

  16. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I've got a little girl with ATTITUDE too and boy does she have her opinion about everything. Right there with you!!! Maisie is just as cute as she can be!!!

  17. I've taken to referring to it as the tyrannical threes... Kai still has a few days before he formally crosses over but you could have fooled me!

    Loving the outfits....



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