Thursday, August 21, 2008


On our agenda for this morning was a meet-and-greet with Maisie's teachers, Miss Hope & Miss MaryJo followed by a shopping trip to Costco. Maisie took to her new teachers right away giving them each big hugs both hello and good bye. Her class is made up of six girls and six boys most of which were in her class last year so she's really looking forward to school starting on Tuesday. She was such a good girl while I was filling out all the paperwork that I decided to take her out for lunch.

P8210001 I was a big spender and took her to Costco for a slice of pizza. The amazing thing, she finished the entire giant slice and still managed to taste test every sample given out in the store followed by two fruit leathers on the drive home!!

Recently Maisie has been interested in learning to spell various words and today the word was pizza. She really picks up the spelling and the finger spelling quickly. Her vocabulary that she can spell, finger spell and knows the sign for are: Maisie, Thomas (the tank engine), Mama, Baba, Dena (her coach), Emily (her coach's daughter), stop and now pizza. Sometimes she gets silly and will say "M.A.I.S.I.E that's how we spell broccoli and Thomas" or "T.H.O.M.A.S that's how we spell periphylla*." You can see her mind working trying to figure out funny things to say to the various spellings.

I've put her down for a nap which she is fighting and I'm working on getting rid of a headache so ta for now and hopefully I'll have a new Maisie moment posted soon.

* Maisie has always loved watching fish and can spend hours watching this one this two minute segment of a Blue Planet episode which shows copepods, a pea-sized gigantocypris and her beloved periphylla. It is stinking cute though when the copepods and the periphylla light up and Maisie says her version of "bioluminescence" but she's real close to saying it 100% correctly.


  1. LOL - that pizza slice is bigger than her head!! Too cute!

  2. That pizza is bigger than her! I can't believe she can finger spell like that! I think she is going directly to HArvard.

  3. Look at that girl go! She is such a smart, beautiful little girl.

  4. that slice is bigger than she is. cute cute.


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