Monday, August 18, 2008

Fancy Ancy

IMG_3037 This weekend was filled with fancy clothes and posh tea parties with pinkies up. We've been having fun reading Fancy Nancy or as Maisie calls her, Fancy Ancy.

We've had a great summer but here we are at our final week. I can't believe that it passed so quickly and that Maisie starts back at Wee School next Tuesday! For our final week of summer we have lots on our schedule, getting together with friends and then on Thursday we have our meet-and-greet with Maisie's new teachers Miss. Hope & Miss. Mary Jo. Of course twice weekly gymnastics continues as does all my fun times with my little Fancy Ancy Maisie.

And from my previous post, after arriving at his office at 4:30am Friday, poor hubby didn't make it home until 2am Saturday only to grab a few hours of sleep before it was back to work. So no posh pinkie up tea parties with Baba this past weekend but hopefully next weekend Baba will join in on the fun.


  1. how pretty is that little girl

  2. Yikes Eammon is logging some serious hours, poor guy!

    Loving the Fancy Ancy look -- it's divine!

  3. Hi there, Im a new reader, but I love your blog! Your Maisie is adorable and I love that she loves gymnastics!! A future Olympian maybe??

    dd Sunshine 7 Viet Nam
    dd Brilliance 2 China

  4. She looks like a princess! What a great summer you have had. I do feel sorry for your poor hubby. Hopefully he can catch up on sleep.

  5. I love fancy nancy books.... Tate has fancy nancy and fancy nancy and the posh puppy. bothe great reads. Now all I need is Tate to read it to.

  6. Look at your little princess! Maisie is growing up so quickly! Why do they do that? lol

    I'm so impressed with your blog- first of all the design is gorgeous, but you also take the time to write so much! Good for you!

    I guess I'd better get the Fancy Nancy book for Sophie Lu!

    Hugs, Shana :)


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