Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nope, not going to happen!

Yesterday we met up with Kathy & Chani and Lisa & Briana at DAC Kids. We all arrived just as they opened and we all prepared to go in but as the doors opened, Maisie went into complete meltdown mode and would not walk in the door. What caused her instant meltdown? The sound of the fans on the inflatables which lined the perimeter of the room. Maisie has always had a major issue with loud noises, the vacuum cleaner, too many children being loud, horns honking, lawn mowers, thunder and the sound of the fans on the inflatables*.

IMG_3067a I did carry Maisie in reassuring her that it was just noise but for the first hour all she did was cry as she held on to me with a death grip. We all sat in the center of the sand area as far from the inflatables as possible and gradually Maisie joined Briana & Chani playing in the sand and then on the wooden climbing structure but she still wasn't going to smile or truly enjoy herself. When Briana & Chani then wandered over to the kiddie inflatable I held Maisie so that she could see the fun they were having but being that close caused yet another major meltdown.

IMG_3091 Kathy had brought along some snacks so we sat the girls down and they were so cute together especially Briana who loves her food and looked for any opportunity to nick treats from both Chani & Maisie. One last meltdown occurred as we were leaving as we had to walk past the inflatables but then Maisie was happy again once we were outside.

We then headed to CiCi's for lunch where all the girls ate well and then had fun playing in the little amusement area allowing Kathy, Lisa and I some time to catch up and chat. It's too bad that Maisie's afraid of the inflatables because otherwise she would have had a really good time playing in the sand and on the climbing equipment. It was great getting together with friends though and next time we'll be going to a place that doesn't have scary inflatables!

*Amazingly and thankfully, Maisie can walk into a screaming loud gym and not bat an eye, in fact she struts into gyms like she owns them.


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Olivia did the same thing at the aquarium we took her to a couple of weekends ago. Wasn't having any part of it; so loudly, in fact, she was invited to leave. Yup. So, that scrubbed our Disney trip...too big of a risk to get there and she decides she hates it.

    Maisie is so stinking cute!

  2. Too funny -- just look at that determined little look and the arm cross. Our girls don't love loud noises either. We've finally gotten to the point where Rose doesn't freak out and claw/climb the nearest leg when the gardener comes with his leaf blower, but it was definitely touch and go for almost a year.

  3. It was so good seeing you and Miss Maisie. I am glad that after a little while Maisie was able to have some fun on the wooden playground! I do know she had fun at lunch!

    You got a great pic of the three girls!

    Briana does love her food. Especially when she steals it from her friends. :)

  4. Poor little thing. We have an issue with loud noises too. That top picture of her is wonderful!


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