Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hi there!!

rockstar * Big shout out and hugs to the gal with the rock star hair for making my girl a little rock star too, thank you!

* Also thanks to the queen of ducks for the fun and friendly reminder. Upon seeing the duck, Maisie immediately went into a chant of duck, duck, duck and has made it her newest favorite bath toy.

* Upon returning from Utah I came down with an upper respiratory infection (diagnosed by Maisie's pediatrician) which combined with the fractured rib caused me to be out of commission for a couple of days but I'm happy to report that I'm healthy again and the rib pain has eased up considerably.

* Friday I took Maisie for her 24 month well baby appointment and she's doing great. She's now 32.25 inches tall and weighs in at a whopping 22.5 pounds.

* Sunday Trixie and WaWa stopped over for a visit and we met their son Andrew who was loving all the attention that his two beaming parents were lavishing on him.

Post%2BPlacement%2BVisit%2B%2BOctober%2B2%2B074 *Tuesday was another first meeting where Maisie and I met up with Trixie, WaWa & Andrew and Cindy & Claire...Finally meeting the adorable Claire especially considering she's been home over a month already!!

* Also on Tuesday our friends Kathy & Matt received their referral for an almost 8 month old girl from Jiangxi. Congrats to them and we can't wait to see her picture.

* Wednesday we started our Music Together class again and Maisie & I love it! It's as if we never took a summer break as she knew the program and was totally engaged even though all the music was brand new.

* Maisie is still loving her bath and her new favorite food is new-news (noodles), both thanks to our Utah visit with Tiffany & Eliza.

* I'd love to try and sneak in one last trip with Maisie before she turns two on the 17th, any suggestions out there??


  1. much is happening. Sorry you got that nasty infection. Hopefully you're back to 100% soon! Glad to hear the rib is beginning to heal can't imagine how painful that would be.

    What fun catching up with your friends and meeting new babies. yeah!

    Music class sounds like a lot of fun. Oh no....I looked out the window and what did I see....'s back!! LOL!!

    Isn't it fun how being around other children can affect your little one? New-news and baths for everyone!

  2. PS - Have fun wherever you go! I'm crazy busy at work right now or I'd ask you to take a trip to the great white north...where it was 80+ degrees today! :o)

  3. You've got a lot on your plate. I'm glad you're feeling better so you can keep all those full plates spinning :)

  4. I vote for Disneyland! Maisie would LOVE it, and then I would get to meet another bloggy friend. O.K., that's a pretty selfish reason. But the weather IS beautiful here this time of year! :)

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Ribs sure can hurt. Can't imagine coughing with a broken one. Tell Maisie Happy birthday! It is so exciting to hear about yur friends getting babies. At least someone is! Good news!

  6. Girl, you are one tough cookie!!! You keep getting sick and keep bouncing back! Love seeing Ms. Maisie in her rock star tee!

  7. Sorry you were sick on top of the rib breakage!!! How adorable Maisie is in her piggies and her rock star shirt! I've watched how much fun Eliza has in her bath. Sometime I just would like to join in on the fun also!!!

    I cannot believe how fast two has rolled around for Ms M.... Suggestions??? Come stay with ME!!!

  8. Glad you are feeling better!
    Cute pigtails!!
    So happy to hear that bathtime is so much fun!! :)

  9. Looks like you are having so much fun. I love the pics of M decorating cookies. It looks yummy and it seems like M agrees!

  10. The picture of Maisie in pig tails is adorable and I am amazed that the kids were able to stay so clean during the decorating! My table never looks like that after those activities! What is your secret? :)


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