Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yeah, it was fun...

 red couch
Eliza, Tess, Maisie, Marie, Rose

Who am I kidding, it was frikkin amazing!!! I'm sure most everyone has read about the bloggy bash weekend as once again, just like last year I'm the last to post but I was the last to arrive home and I have to document the week because Oh what a fabulous week we had! I'm still coming down from the high of meeting up with fellow bloggy pals Tiffany & Eliza, Lisa, Julie & Tess, Mary-Mia, Rod, Rose & Marie, Catherine, Tawni, Susie (private) and of course my friend the incredible Kim Brown. It was totally awesome to finally meet Eliza, Rose and Marie for the first time and they were all so adorable. Then there was Tess who we haven't seen since last Christmas day at the Minneapolis airport where we parted ways minutes after she and Maisie became U.S. citizens, and oh what a cutie she is too.

Here's a rundown of our week. Wednesday we flew to SLC via Phoenix and Maisie was a star on both flights, in fact people commented to me how adorable she was (but of course) and how well behaved she was during the flight. We were spending the week at Tiffany's and she arrived home shortly after we settled in at her house. We then met up with Lisa for dinner at Noodles and Co. followed by Tiffany, the girls and I going to get some dessert before heading home. We were standing in the store and I was holding Maisie's hand when she lifted her feet up off the ground, as she does oh-so-many times. Unfortunately I didn't notice fast enough to put her down and next thing I knew she had a sad face and her right arm was pinned to her side, holding it on and off with her left hand. When I picked her up she winced and was in definite pain. Tiffany put in a call to her pediatrician and luckily they had evening hours and told us to come on over. I suspected Nursemaid's elbow and sure enough that was the problem. The doctor popped the bones back in place and after two minutes of tears you'd never know that Maisie had been in pain as she was jumping around and moving her arm like nothing had ever happened. That's my girl, she bounces back like no body's business.

Thursday Maisie and I headed over to Tawni's home where we spent the day with her and her wonderful boys, all of whom treated Maisie like she was the greatest person in the world. When we first arrived the youngest O presented Maisie with a doll and was just so excited to have her there. The four of us headed out to lunch at Cafe Rio which was wonderful followed by a little shopping before returning to Tawni's home in time for her two older boys to return home from school. Tawni's boys, O, G & E Maisie took to the eldest E immediately and he to her which was oh so sweet. The middle boy G was so pleased when E headed off to football practice as he got Maisie all to himself and he couldn't have been cuter, letting me know that he thought Maisie liked him the best and giving me a swelled head telling me that Maisie was the cutest girl e.v.e.r followed by, Maisie's the smartest girl e.v.e.r!! Maisie had a blast with all the boys and had a great time eating so many new things that she'd never experienced at home. On the positive note she ate meat, just plain meat without pushing it away, for the first time.

Less positive were the treats that the boys introduced her to, things like Reese's Puff Cereal, Fruit Gushers and some other candy proclaiming to have fruit but being nothing more than sugar. I had an inkling that I was going to be in for a rough night when all three boys and Maisie were chasing each other round and round on the trampoline, but until today I didn't realize just how bad!!*

Maisie shows Tawni the moonShowing Tawni the moon!

Friday we spent time at Susie's home.Susie's great playhouseWe played in her fabulous playroom and enjoyed a great home cooked lunch.

Playing with Susie1439353639_80a3b10fc1_b.jpg_Thumbnail1Peek-a-booSusie was just so sweet with Maisie and the two had fun playing together.

Friday afternoon I took over Tiffany's kitchen making a few desserts for the next days bloggy bash.

Rocker Maisie.jpg_Thumbnail1Rocker Maisie

Oops , that sprayed the wrong way!Oops, that sprayed the wrong way!

Then starting around dinner time all the other out of town bloggers started to arrive. First M3, Rod and the girls arrived and it was all out playtime and catching up. They then headed back to their hotel and the next wave of Julie, Tess and Catherine showed up at Tiffany's for more meeting and greeting. Too coolOne cool girl.

Eating chalkUntil you eat chalk!

Feeding timeTiffany’s food tasted much better than the chalk.

I was so excited to have everyone there that sleep was fleeting but luckily Maisie slept through the night in her Peapod.

Saturday morning Lisa hosted a wonderful brunch for all the out of town bloggy gals, kidlets and Rod.

Eliza & TessEliza & Tess

Rose, Tess, Marie & RodRose, Tess, Marie & Rod

I see you!Maisie spying on you.

7.jpg_Thumbnail1 Lisa is a great hostess and cook and made everyone feel so welcome and comfortable. So comfortable that we kicked off our shoes, can you tell who’s who?

We then parted ways so that all the little girls could nap before the big bloggy bash that afternoon. Oh what a wonderful bloggy bash it was, hosted by Tawni, there must have been 40 people there and lots of great food too.

a2.jpg_Thumbnail1 Bloggy bash at Tawni's house a1.jpg_Thumbnail1 b1.jpg_Thumbnail1 Hillary, Kim, Pearl, Grace & MadisonHillary, Kim, Pearl, Grace & Madison.

1439369685_d4a95992b7_b.jpg_Thumbnail1Funeral potatoes, it's a Utah thingFuneral potatoes…it’s a Utah thing.

I met some wonderful SLC adopters and adopters-to-be and it was a fun filled afternoon and evening. A big huge thank you to Tawni and her family for inviting us all into their beautiful home and for being such wonderful hosts.

Sunday morning Catherine, Rod and I attended the 4,072nd broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which was beyond wonderful. In the TabernacleInside the Tabernacle

1439376853_4869014fc4_b.jpg_Thumbnail1Me and Rod

Rod & CatherineRod & Catherine.

Last year the Tabernacle was undergoing restoration so they were performing in the Conference Center but oh what a difference hearing them in the Tabernacle, it was truly beyond words. We had wonderful seats and just after we were seated one of the ushers (probably 80+ years old) was smiling at me and I smiled back, then he came over to us asking if we had ever heard the choir before and where we were from. After a few minutes of conversation he asked me to stop over and see him after the broadcast. We wandered over to him afterwards and after a few more minutes of chatting and Rod showing off a picture of Rose and Marie, he presented each of us with a CD of the choir...I love chatting up older men!!

While I was away at the broadcast, Tiffany played. I left Maisie with Tiffany and she decided to dress Maisie and Eliza in complimentary outfits and put Maisie's hair up in ponytails. red couch Everyone not at the broadcast was at Tiffany's and lookie, lookie they were able to get a wonderful red couch photo of the girls without anyone crying!!

Sunday morning at Tiffany'sPlaytime at Tiffany’s after the concert.

Loving MamaMaisie was one very happy little girl when I returned from the Tabernacle. 

After naps we headed to the Children's museum where all the girls and Rod too had a great time.Sunday at the museumMaisie, Eliza & Tess

So many career choicesMaisie checking out some future career choices.


Police officerPolice officer? 


Fish.jpg_Thumbnail1Fish Monger?


Oh my!Oh my!

Getting some loving from LisaGetting some loving from Lisa.

Lisa & Mary-MiaLisa & Mary-Mia.

Marie, Catherine & RoseMarie, Catherine & Rose.

The foreigner drives againLisa & Catherine and allowing the foreigner to drive again.

Time to goTime to go. 

final dinner.jpg_Thumbnail1 Afterward the museum we went out to a Chinese buffet for a farewell dinner. It was so sad that our weekend was over and that the next morning everyone other than Maisie and I was heading home.

Monday, Lisa and I spent time together and enjoyed a relaxing day of lunch, shopping and sitting around chatting. Then along with Tiffany and Eliza we all went out for dinner. Monday ended up being a banner day as Tiffany was able to get Maisie to do something that I never thought possible, enjoy a bath!! Bathing buddies.jpg_Thumbnail1Bathtime for Maisie & ElizaThe peer pressure of Eliza whooping it up in the tub was too much for Maisie and after first getting her in the tub in a bathing suit and a little water splashing, Tiffany just plunked her down and distracted her and soon she was out of the bathing suit whooping it up too.

Bedtime at Tiffany%27s.jpg_Thumbnail1Bed time at Tiffany’s. 

Tuesday I spent the morning with Kim Brown and then because Maisie wouldn't nap, I took her for a nice stroll around Temple Square before returning to Tiffany's for a wonderful home cooked dinner and another enjoyable bath for Miss Maisie followed by Tiffany and I enjoying our last few hours together. We did so much during our week away, had so much fun with our friends but even though we miss all of them already, it's great to be home!! I can't wait for next year's reunion where we'll hopefully have Hannah, Lauren and Tate joining in on the fun times too.

* Thursday night Maisie wouldn't settle down and sleep in the peapod and only wanted to be on me. She had a sugar high induced fitful sleep, where I swear she used me as a trampoline. After a painful flight and another uncomfortable sleep, a visit this morning to the doctor and an x-ray confirmed a fractured rib...guess my little girl really is tougher than I thought. Pain meds are great and I'll be healed soon but little Miss M won't be sleeping on me for a long time to come.


  1. Anonymous2:32 AM


  2. SOunds like a fabulous time. You and your girl and quite photogenic. I can only imagine how much fun you had..I love the one with Maisie playing "I See You"

  3. Love the run down of the week. Sounds like you guys had a tone of fun. I bet it was wonderful seeing all the girls together. Big and small. :)

    And wow!! A fractured rib? Geez oh pete! Hope you heal quickly.

  4. Fun, fun times! Great writeup. It was awesome to see you again (why don't we live closer?!) and to meet Miss Maisie!!! Sending good thoughts for that rib, ouch.

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Great to see Maisie not cry on the couch! and pig tails too. Boy her hair has grown since that first picture.

    welcome back, here's to a speedy recovery.
    Judy B.

  6. Glad you guys had such a blast! And I heard you brought some tasty desserts- let's just say I wish I had your skill at baking!!

  7. Anonymous3:19 PM

    nice piccies. with the who's who, I think you are the tannest of them all.

    Guess who?

  8. What an amazing week! Sounds like so much fun. I'm glad Maisie enjoys a bath now, and her arm is better. I have never heard of that before. Thanks for the info.

    The peapod info is great too. I like that thing. I may have to invest.

    I sure hope you feel better soon. OUCH!

  9. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

    Ooo your ribs sound painful!! Your Maisie sure has a strong kick on her?!!! Glad she enjoyed a bath!!!

  10. sounds like you all had a wonderful trip! glad to see you, E, and Maisie are doing quite well (and traveling alot i must say, eh?!) :)
    take care all!!

    "mmmmmuuuahhh!" (from Autumn)

  11. Now, that was a bash!! Sounds like too much fun for just one week.
    Ouchie ouchie poor little elbow and rib...shesh! Wishing you a quick recovery and no reoccurences for Maisie.
    Thanks for the narrative. It was almost like being there.
    That beautiful girl of yours is ever so cute in her pony tails. Love those pink and black Chucks.
    Welcome home (again:)

  12. Oh my gosh - love Maisie in pigtails - too cute!

    Sounds like you had a great time, but us Georgia girls are glad you are back! :)

  13. What a fantastic time...despite the ouchy moments.

    I have to say the 'chalk eating' photo makes me giggle.

  14. Looks like you had a great time. Love all the little girls with their pigtails!

  15. Wow! What a great commentary on your week. You did so much that I didn't know about. Our time together was way too short so hopefully next year I'll be able to extend my visit by a day or 2 too. :o)

    So many great pics! Maisie saw much of the children's museum that I didn't even know existed. How did I miss the music section? Next time I'd better follow your gal around more so that she can teach me the ropes.

    Miss you already! Hope your rib is feeling better. No fun at all!

  16. What a bunch of beauties! So big too, bet you guys had a blast.


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