Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two different days, two different little girls

Yesterday Maisie and I joined with Deb & LiLi, Lisa and Randi at Kathy's home for our weekly luncheon and play date. Kathy made a wonderful chicken and rice dish and special grilled cheese sandwiches for the little girls. We got to watch as Lisa received even more wonderful gifts for Briana and everyone but Maisie had a really good day.

IMG_6517a Even though Kathy had out lots of toys, Maisie was not in the mood to play, eat much or even leave my lap for our entire visit.

IMG_6519b Having her attached to me the entire time reminded me of China when the girl would just not let me put her down. Despite being little Miss Misery guts all day, Deb still managed to get a couple of good piccies of her. I of course had no chance of using my camera so once again my thanks to Deb and her camera. Big thanks to Kathy too for a really nice lunch and afternoon.

Today brought about a totally different little girl. This morning we attended music class and Maisie was completely involved. Then after her nap we played a bit then went out for a nice dinner with Trixie where Maisie slurped her noodles and thoroughly enjoyed her ice cream. After dinner Trixie and I played with a smiling, giggling, happy little girl up until the time she easily went down for the night. Hopefully tomorrow will bring about the happy little girl of today.


  1. She is precious......and she's a girl....practicing for when she is a women- her mood will change with the wind!

  2. It was so good seeing you and Maisie on Tuesday! And lunch at Kathy's was delicious!

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  4. Isn't it just wild what a difference a day can make!

    (Olivia's lucky mom)

  5. Mali was the same way around other people for quite some time. She did become more secure & independent as time went on and as she learned to trust (both) me & her environment. Her sleep patterns also improved as she developed a more 'secure' attachment. Thinking back, it seemed to take forever . . .

  6. Poor Maisie (and Momma)... I guess we all have our good days as well as our bad days. Maybe Maisie was just testing things.


  7. I cannot get over who she has grown. I remember seeing her referral photo and... oh my... how she has grown... such a cutey.

  8. Sounds like you guys had fun..I look at Maisie now and her referral pic..She is getting to be a big girl

  9. Even though Maisie may not have had fun, those pictures sure are cute!

  10. Ah ~ one day this way, next day that!

  11. Beautiful photos! Well... she is a girl, after all?!!! Sad that the mood swings have already started!!! I guess, all we can do is nuture our little ones, try and encourage them to be brave, and play with others, and Congratulate them when they do.

  12. She is growing up! I have a Jeykell and Hyde too! Sometimes I think Miya is laughing and crying at the same time.upzmcjx

  13. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Maisie is so cute.. I can't wait to see her on the 16th..I love the girls.
    Emily's Aunt Lala..

  14. What gorgeous b&w photos of Maisie!


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