Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our little Valentine

Valentines Day 2007 001 a Two years ago today we were accepted by our agency to adopt from China and now here we are with little Maisie. For our first Valentine's Day together we had a pretty quiet day. We attend our Music Together class in the morning but then spent the afternoon playing at home because as you can see from the piccies, Maisie is still a little snotty mess, getting over her cold.

Valentines Day 2007 005 b Our big accomplishment of the week is that on her own, Maisie decided that she was done with the bottle and is now on a sippy cup. It's funny to see her with the sippy cup though as I swear, the cup is bigger than her head.

Valentines Day 2007 008 c Maisie continues to practice her walking and gets more confident each day. When she's in the walker she actually runs and has a ball racing through the house.

Valentines Day 2007 006d She's still not eating much and what she likes one day doesn't necessarily mean she'll like it or eat it ever again. This week she did eat some lasagna and has added fruit flavored yogurt to her mainstays of chocolate yogurt, pudding, tapioca and of course her beloved goldfish. Speaking of goldfish, Maisie has started signing fish in addition to her other signs of more, thank you, Mama, finished/all gone, bottle and water.

She's becoming very vocal and probably soon will be talking our ears off. Sleep is still a huge issue with her spending part of the night in the p-n-p and the remainder in bed with me. Naps are still a rare treat for me and her favorite place to sleep is still the car seat but only when the car is in motion which does me little good in my attempt to get some rest.

That about sums up our first Valentine's Day together. It will be interesting next year to look back and see just how much out little Valentine has changed.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Eammon, Lisa and Maisie Miao Miao


  1. Happy love day to you all, tell M to take it very easy so she's feeling better for Saturday night she's got a lot of playing to do with her buddies!!!

  2. Get well little cup cake, you are so cute!

  3. Happy Valentines to you guys. XO

  4. Hope your little love feels better soon!

    What a wonderful journey to her this must have been.

    Keep smilin!

  5. It looks like Maisie is really starting to come into her own. Remember, the sleep thing may last a while. It took over 6 months of us being together for Shayna to sleep in her room and part through the night. It takes time, but you are getting there.

  6. Happy V-Day to you and yours :0)

  7. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Happy Belated V-Day!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day from our snotty house to yours!

    Love you guys,

  9. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! It is great to see Maisie walking!

  10. Anonymous9:03 PM

    WOW!!! is she every coming out of her shell....and look how much hair she has....just way too cute.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

    From NB,Canada

  11. Maisie is so pretty in pink! I hope her sniffles clear up soon.

    Happy belated V-Day to the Shanahans!

  12. Happy Valentines yourself! Man! Maisie just looks bigger with every photo! Be intersting to look back in a years time!

  13. I so enjoyed this update.. and is it me, or is she cuter with each passing photo? Such an adorable face!

  14. What a little sweetheart!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you all.


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