Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meet the Grandparents

Friday morning Eammon and I had to take Maisie along with her 1/4 pound container of frozen poo to lab so that they could run who knows what tests on the poo and also attempt to remove all the blood from her body. Well with all the blood tests that her doctor ordered, they probably need more blood than the poor child has and seeing that she was so unwilling to give up any, it may take weeks of visiting the lab before they have enough to run all the tests. The time at the lab was horrible, two techs, Eammon and myself all trying to hold Maisie still while the vampire attempted to get some blood. We went to this particular lab because the doctor's office suggested it as they specialize in pediatric blood draws. But after half a dozen sticks, they're not sure if they have enough blood to do any of the tests. Even if they had been able to get what they were looking for that day, it wouldn't be enough to run all the tests and the thought of having to go back again just makes me sick. Poor thing has major black and blue marks on the insides of both arms. On top of that, I can't take Maisie there without Eammon and the lab is only open during business hours...OY!!

Needless to say after such a stressful morning, Maisie was exhausted and fell asleep on the short ride home. I attempted to move her into the p-n-p so that she could maybe, possibly take a nap, but that was not to happen. Instead she decided that she was beyond hungry and ate more in one sitting than we've seen her eat in two full days. She had chicken and dumpling soup with cous cous, at least half cup of cheerios, a container of applesauce AND a full container of yogurt. I don't know where she put it all, but boy was she hungry! I then left Eammon and Maisie home and did a quick trip to the grocery. When I returned home, Eammon told me that my parents would be at our house in about an hour and not to worry, the tornado hit a few miles from them. We hadn't turned on the t.v. or the radio so we knew nothing about a tornado. Funny thing was, my parents didn't know anything about it either until they received a call during their drive up here as people were checking on them. They had left their home in The Villages around 6am and though the tornado hit within The Villages, they didn't happen to pass by that area and knew nothing about it.

Grandma and Grandpa 2-2007 004 Maisie did well meeting her Grandparents for the first time and actually allowed both my Mother and Father to hold her...albeit for short periods of time. It's amazing to see how each week Maisie becomes more comfortable with other people and warms up quicker and quicker. She had fun though during their visit and of course charmed them so that they now know she's the most wonderful, fabulous little girl ever!!

This morning my parents were off early heading home and Maisie and I went off to play with seven of her little playmates. We had a really fun time playing and hopefully one of the smart Moms who remembered their camera will send me some pics which I'll be able to post. And yes Julie, I gave Kacey a big hug and kiss from you. She was doing great with Nana Susan and your trip is much more difficult on you than on her...though I know she misses you. Also, the new haircut is adorable.

On a final note, my last blood test came back normal so all the elevated liver counts were most likely due to the massive amounts of antibiotics I had been taking. I know that my doc was just being cautious, (and cruel subjecting me to all those blood tests) but hmmm, didn't I say from the beginning that the count was high because of the antibiotics!?!?!?


  1. Glad the visit was a good one...and glad your liver isn't on the downslope! See what happens when you watch a lot of 'House' you can diagnose yourself ;0) (In case anyone isn't sure - I AM kidding about that).

    Sorry about the blood draw for Maisie - poor kiddo! At least the poop is easier.

  2. Poor Maisie!!! That blood draw sounds like a nightmare. Those technicians stunk in my opinion. The lady who did the draw on our girls nailed it in one stick and didn't leave a single bruise on either girl. If you have to give more blood, definitely try a new place - they're not all like that one. Dang, I'm all upset for you guys. Sending huge hugs to you and Maisie both.

  3. OH geesh I hate blood draws. There is a cream they can put on the arm first. Emla .. Emala cream?? hmm something like that.

    A friend of mine has a son with health problems and thus frequent blood draws. She swears by the stuff. You have to order it in advance ( you have to have a script) and put it on at home so it has time to work. She puts it on, seals it with a band aide and the blood draw area is really numb.

    It might be worth a try.

    When my DD has to have a blood draw I ask up front for the best tech they have.

    Poor Maise !! Poor Mommy.


  4. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I am glad your parents were fine. That is a relief. I am sorry the poor kid had to get stuck so many times. She is going to hate going there again!

  5. What a special visit!

    I hope that no more blood has to be drawn. Not fun no matter what age. And I am happy to hear that you are well.

    Keep smilin!

  6. Oh poor Maisie! That is horrible!

    I am glad you had a nice visit with your parents!

  7. Poor Maisie! hope they get it right next time! glad to hear you are fine.....and I'm sure the grandparents had a wonderful visit with your beauty......enjoy the week!

  8. My daughter is almost five and is good for the doctor EXCEPT when it comes to needles. I feel for both of you!

  9. awwww, poor Maisie. I'm sure that just plained sucked for her and you too. Sounds like the grandparents visit went well. Glad to hear you are doing much better too.

  10. Poor Maisie-I know the feeling-I usually pass out when they draw blood from me. When it's Jarod's turn I always send Daddy with him. I can't handle it!
    I'm glad you had a nice visit with grandma and grandpa - they're proud-the pictures speaks for itself.
    Take care,
    Orlando, FL

  11. Thanks for giving out the hugs to Kacey she had tons of fun playing with the girly girls!

    Bummer about the blood draw, Kacey and I lucked with our technician and it was a breeze however, I thought I was going to pass out!!!!

  12. I'm glad the grandparent visit went well! Sorry she had to go through that blood experience!

  13. Another tidbit on the blood draw. Have her drink water on the way. The more hydrated she is the easier the veins will be to find and hit.

  14. YAY! Glad to hear your "normal" again! Poor Maisie!

    And I'll give a hearty Amen, to the EMLA. I used to work at a Surgery - we always gave it to junior's. Fabulous stuff.

    :) She is progressing so well!!! Ooo yeah, did you make the chicken and dumpling soup? I'd love the recipe... in your spare time, wanna post it?!!! (reminicent of pre-Maisie days!!!)

  15. Poor baby Maisie! We took Julia to a Pediatric lab I saw absolutely no difference other than the fact that the waiting room was FILLED with kids. I thought the techs would blow bubbles or play puppets to distract Julia, but nope, just grabbed her arm out and stuck her! Not a fun day at all!

  16. Hi Lisa,
    It looks like you and Maisie are adjusting really well. A local friend's daughter also had problems with the blood draw. I'm already getting nervous about Ava's first doctor's visit. Between the blood draw and getting re-vaccinated, I don't know which one of us will cry more.
    Take care. Michele

  17. I am so glad that Maisie was able to play and have fun with her grandparents. I am so sorry that she has to go through the blood work and poop stuff. It is yucky. Oh, and I am glad you are feeling better.


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