Friday, February 09, 2007

It's snot fun

Man is it ever a snot fest here at the Shanahan house. The morning after our visit to the ER I awoke with a horrible head cold. Can you believe it, we're only 40 days into 2007 and I've already had pneumonia, the flu and now a major snot fest of a cold. I swear there must have been a day or two in there when I wasn't sick, just wish I could remember and repeat it!!

Maisie's stomach flu is much better and though still not great, she's eating better and drinking lots of fluids so that's good. The girl seems to survive on Cheerio's, fruit puffs, goldfish and tapioca. Because of the teething and not feeling well, she's been miserable when it comes to sleep and her favorite place, once again, is my chest. So no surprise this morning she woke with a runny nose, cough and cold. On top of that, it's a cold gray day so we can't even warm ourselves in the sunbeams. Oh well, hopefully our colds will pass quickly and we'll all be on the mend soon.

Walker 2-8-07 003 1 Yesterday, even though I was already sick, Maisie was feeling pretty good so for the first time I put her in a walker.

Walker 2-8-07 008 2 After the first few minutes of apprehension she figured it all out and had a blast walking around.

Walker 2-8-07 009 3 It was pretty warm so we even ventured out and strolled around the cul-de-sac. I thought after having her walk around so much it would help her sleep better at night, but no go on that one...


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Wow! I'm sure you see it too - but compare the smiles in these pictures to the smiles when you were in China and first back in America - bigger and broader even with the flu and a head cold. What a beautiful thing to see!

    Judy B.

  2. Oh my goodness I'm so sorry about all the sicky at your house! But man, I agree with Judy- those smiles on your girl are to die for!

  3. If it's not one thing it's another at your house! I hope you are both feeling better very, very soon.

  4. She sure does like that walker! Look at those smiles! Julia loves hers too. :)

  5. Even with the cold, little Miss is a cutie smiley face!

    I was thinking of buying a walker. Do you like it/recommend it?

    Keep smilin!

  6. Such a big smile. Such a cutie. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  7. Oh gosh - sounds like you all need some R&R! Hope that by now you and Maisie are both feeling much better.

  8. I'm so glad to see that Maisie is feeling better. Love all that hair that is coming in too. Will send some prayers/vibes your way that this illness that has grabbed ahold of you will let go once and for all. Hang in there !

  9. Maisie looks as though she doesn't have a care in the world! Sorry she still had a rough night. Broken sleep is the suckiest thing ever.

  10. Holy Cow Look at that SMILE! Man is her personality coming through! what a happy baby- hope you both feel better soon-

  11. Wow...I think you need your house germ-bombed at this rate.

    Ms. Maisie looks to be fairing well and smiling brightly.

    Tip: buy stock in Kleenex.

  12. What a cute smiling face!!! Sorry you are sick... hope it is a quick cold and you will be feeling better soon!!!


  13. Anonymous9:47 PM

    get healthy folks!

  14. Hope you get to feeling better soon!She looks so happy in her walker!


  15. I certainly hope she feels better. Ive been reading your blog since the referral and the name game!You post has really been an encouragement to us

  16. Yikes, I hope everyone is better soon. Great smile on that kiddo:)

  17. OMG - are you ever going to catch a break and feel better - all of you?? So sorry...

  18. Sorry you guys are so sick! But wow, I can't believe how Maisie has changed already! What a smile! (and sick at that!).
    Hope you both feel better soon!

  19. Maisie is looking happier and happier with every photo! What a cutie!

  20. Hope y'all feel better soon.

  21. Hi Lisa,

    Glad to see that Miaise has settled in well.
    Sorry to hear about all of the colds, flu's ect.
    We have jsut returned and our trip was great. Our daughter managed to get the chicken pox while in China so for the last few days we were held up in the hotel. That was SNOT fun as well.
    Take Care,


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