Friday, October 20, 2006

Secret revealed

No, not Baby S's name but my fabulous CCAI secret pal's name. Loraine Brame has been sending huge boxes of wonderful gifts each month since November of last year!! I just realized that she has been sending us gifts for an entire year, WOW!!! Over the many months she has sent so many wonderful books, toys, practical items, decorative items and the clothing OMG, she has definitely spoiled Baby S with clothes! Sometimes she included separate notes which really helped boost my spirits and sometimes it was just a little note on the outside of the wrapped gift to tell me something special about what was inside or why she chose a specific item. I have saved every single note and will add them to Baby S's scrap book.

Every month it was a treat to open the boxes and see what fun things she included. Sometimes she followed the theme of the month and other times she just picked out what she liked, but no matter which way she went, she had us pegged and sent the most perfect gifts. It's funny because with our referral coming in the next week, I've been looking for footie P.J.s to bring to China and wouldn't you know, in this last gift that's what she included, the two adorable footies pictured with the rest of her wonderful gifts!!

Loraine, you have been a wonderful pal and I can't express how much your gifts each month lifted my spirits and helped make the wait so much more tolerable. Thank you for including the picture of your beautiful family. I had a feeling that you were a Mom already because you always seemed to know some of the practical things that I would need which I had overlooked

Hopefully your referral will come this month and we'll be able to possibly meet in Guangzhou!! I just checked your LID and see that you're 8/30/05, so if your referral doesn't come this month, then you know that next month you'll be looking at a picture of Shayna or Baby Boy Brame and I'll be watching for your announcement on the CCAI board. Thank you again for being such a wonderful pal and I have my fingers, toes, legs and everything else I can, crossed hoping that you receive your referral very soon.

To see all the generous and great gifts that Loraine has sent over the past year, just click on the following links. November, December 1, December 2, January, February & March, April, May, June, July, August and September.


  1. Anonymous12:46 AM

    As I look around at the various adoptive parents groups one thing remains true. The most loving ones take care of one another as much as they can. That seems to indicate a loved future for a lot of little ones. I think you will be one another's support for a long time to come.

  2. How COOL - you've found out your Secret Pal. That must certainly mean that you are at the end of your waiting period. Such a special moment.

    What a wonderfully sweet Pal that you had. And, a friendship that will last a very long time.

    Very cool.

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful sp! I can't wait to see your referral next week- how exciting!

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    THis is a great encouragement to us as we are just starting..we are using CCAI as well

  5. Kudos, Loraine! I can see how your thoughfulness made the wait for Baby S just a little easier.

    I hope Loraine sees the face of her little one very soon :)0

  6. You really do/did have an amazing secret pal!!! How exciting that she was your pal for 12 months and that she was revealed just before you got your picture of baby S or I know her!!! This will be the longest weekend to date ever!!!


  7. Love the sleepsuits! So cute!!! Yes, secret pals are truly a godsend! They certainly keep me going, and are always a reminder, that one day, there'll be a little girl to wear/play with all the beautiful gifts.


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