Sunday, October 22, 2006

More for Baby S

Sometime this week we should see Baby S's face for the first time!! It's amazing but I'm still very calm and in fact I'm sleeping at night, my usual insomnia isn't even keeping me awake. It's interesting how stress and anticipation affect everyone differently.

This weekend seemed to fly by. Friday I met with Deb & LiLi for breakfast, a long breakfast. We met at 8:30 and chatted until just about noon! Deb surprised me with a big bag of clothing which LiLi has outgrown. I love hand-me-down clothing and LiLi is just that far ahead of where Baby S will be so that seasonal clothing will work out perfectly. I love all the cute little outfits and dresses and I know next summer Baby S will look as cute in them as LiLi did when she wore them. Thanks Deb and LiLi too.

My parents saw this adorable animal train and got it for Baby S. I haven't taken it out of the package yet but I keep hitting the button to hear the little song it plays. I can't wait to play with for Baby S to play with all the animals and chase after the train as it travels across the floor. Thanks Mom & Dad we love the Animal Choo Choo Train.


  1. I've been out of town all week but wanted to tell you how excited I am that this is your week, Lisa! This is it. I can't wait to see your referral later this week.

  2. Another Colleen here....and I second what the first Colleen says about being so excited for you!!! I cannot wait to see your blog updated with info!! :-)

  3. Hey, you can admit that you want to play with it :-) At 30-ish-ish-ish - I still love Lego's with Ian and Little People with LiLi!

    Waiting to see the good the news!

  4. I am on pins and needles for you this week!

  5. I love that you are so calm. I am so excited for you. How can you be calm.....Is Eammon calm too?
    Oh man this is going to be a fun week!

  6. I can't believe how calm and collected you sound... Enjoy your zzz's now, bc in a couple of weeks it will be a VERY different story! So excited for you and your family.

  7. Such cuuuuute outfits! And that train? Gotta have me one!

    I wish I could handle my stress and anxiety calmly like you are right now. I'm a nervous nellie!

  8. I am so excited for you Lisa. I keep watching for updates. I don't think I'll be as calm as you are.


  9. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Cute clothes for baby S. I love that train, I bought the same one for our new baby, they even have other pieces that go with it that you can buy as extras. Of course I had to get them to I mean santa did! I can't wait to see the newest addition.

    best wishes, Kimberly Evans

  10. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Well I am just brimming with excitement waiting for your news. And possibly mine? And my latest fantasy I've conjured up is that not only are we going to be in the same travel group but that Baby S and Tess are actually crib-mates. I'm sure of it!

    ; )

  11. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Have you seen this website?

    Watch it until you see the title 'Some Children Arrive by Plane' then click on that.

  12. Hey, play on with those toys. Goodness knows Jadyn's Fisher Price is gonna have some mommy miles on it by the time she gets here ;0)

    Only 4 more days in the week. C'mon referrals!

    Is the second letter of baby S' name an 'A'? I'm still trying - can't seeem to give it up!

  13. Any time now...


    Cute clothes - I love good hand-me-downs. I grew up on them.

  14. I love hand me down clothes too! Thank God for my sister! And awesome that you are getting your sleep. Only a few days until you see yout little one's face. WooHoo!

  15. I can't wait until you get to post about Baby S. Friends just gave Olivia that little train and it is a hoot. Everyone loves playing with it.


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