Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Seven days, seven stinking days!!

I'm really happy for the people who are going to get their referral this month and I especially can't wait to see baby Kailee's pic, but most of all, I just can't wait for all you people ahead of me to get the heck out of my way so that I can finally get my baby!!

Exactly one month ago CCAA updated their site announcing that they had finished the placement of children for families whose adoption applications were registered with their office before May 30, 2005, or a mere five days worth of applications. Now, a full month later CCAA announces that they have completed placement of children with applications through June 6th, that's only seven days and two of them were weekend days!!!

So, when will we get to see a pic of Baby S? Well, if CCAA continues making matches at this breakneck speed, we should receive our referral sometime between February and May 2007! I'm still hoping that things speed up and that we'll receive our referral in August or September of this year, but at this point, who knows. I'm now working on the don't ask, I'll be sure to tell you when something happens theory. To top off my less than stellar mood over the delays, I can't believe that I paid $2.74/gallon of gasoline this morning. By the time we get our referral, we won't be able to afford the car ride to the airport let alone the trip to China!

So, how am I handling all of this waiting, stress and delay? Well, take a look inside our refrigerator/freezer, which was repaired eleven days ago, it should tell you all you need to know!!


  1. Run! Hurry! Get yourself to the grocery store and buy some B&J's Gobfather ice cream and chase it down with a Take Five candy bar. It will momentarily take away the slow referral blues. My ever expanding back side is proof of it's magical powers.

  2. Yum. B&J's always improves my mood too. Although I have never heard of that python flavor - sounds a bit kinky to me! I think you are entitled to a little retail therapy also. Just name the place and I will meet ya!


  3. Thank you Lisa for your well wishes. I hope CCAA gets back on track for everyone soon. Until then, more B&J please.

  4. Ben & Jerry's baby!!! It's the ONLY way to go. :-)

  5. Is it okay to chase B&J's with some alcohol? Better yet, a tequila float maybe?

  6. Is that the freezer light or a heavenly glow above the Ben and Jerry's? When you get some Chunky Monkey, give me a call, please.

  7. Hang in there my friend, I'm using good red wine to get me through!

  8. I paid $110.00 to fill my car up this weekend.
    I'll be right over with a spoon, and we will finish off that ice cream together!!!!!!

  9. I'm afraid that before this is over, you're going to need to buy the convenient half-gallon size. That little pint isn't even enough to take the edge off.

    I feel your pain.

  10. Yeah, I'm with you on the delays. I'm truly hoping things speed back up, as we finish the paperchase. There has been a lot of B&J around our house lately too. Oh, and as for the gas prices, they are topping out at around $3.20-$3.90 in CA, so don't feel bad. $2.74 sounds like a bargain! :)

  11. I love the fact that you wrote all of our true feelings - that we are overjoyed that people have received referrals, but we just want to get them through so it can be our turn! Too funny! I don't even have my DTC yet (two more weeks they tell me) so I should be going to China sometime in the yar 2010??


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