Thursday, June 30, 2005

Elvis has left the building

Well, OK, really what has happened, is that our document have left for Houston! I did my best, which pales in comparison to Rod, but I did what I could. Trust me, if the Chinese Consulate had been closer than an 815 mile drive, I may have attempted it, but I still feel like I accomplished a lot.

It still tickles me, how this certification and authentication process works. In the picture below, the woman on the left, in black, is the notary. Then the woman in the stripes, is certifying, that the woman to her right, is a notary. Then I got to drive to downtown Atlanta to have the Secretary of State certify that the woman in strips is allowed to say that the woman in black is really a notary and that I am who I say I am, and well, you get the the picture...

Cobb Notary Office / Documents sent to Houston

By noon, all the documents were posted to Houston, and now I just have to wait...again...

Thanks to everyone for the cheers and joining in and doing the happy dance!

Note: Even though I was tempted, I drove right past the brand new IKEA, which opened only yesterday...I was on a mission!


  1. Anonymous6:39 PM


    I was born in Florida, so my birth certificate has to be authenticated in Houston. I realized that yesterday and figured I might as well send it off now while I'm waiting for my I171H and other docs which will go to Chicago. So I just sent out my BC to Houston today. Maybe my doc and your docs will share the same inbox or something. = )

  2. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Yesssss! You're a star, you're a paperwork machine, you're going to be DTC before you know it! And there's a really good chance we're going to be whooping it up in China together. Whahoo!

    Our dossier was mailed to China yesterday, by the way. Gulp.

    (Hm, I might possibly have used a few less exclamation points above. Guess I'm still a little giddy.)

  3. YAYAYAY!!! Woohooo!

  4. YAYAYAY!!! Woohooo!

  5. I'm so HAPPY for you! You will get your documents back in no time!!

    Oh, and I can't BELIEVE that you passed by a new Ikea without stopping? Have you seen their Children's department????????



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