Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A package for *ME*

No, it is not our stinking I-171H (can you feel my frustration?)

But, it is something that in the short run, will help me drown my frustration and anxiety. It's not my birthday, my anniversary, nor any other special day, but my parents decided to send *ME* a box of chocolates. Now I am not talking about your normal, everyday, pedestrian chocolates like Godiva, which I could get anytime, but don't consider to be worth eating or as anything special. What I am talking about, are my favorite, taaangy, darrrk, rrrich, smooooth (bet you want some) Legendary Lemon Satin Cremes from Ethel M. These chocolates are gorgeous, even orgasmic... And guess what, the entire pound and a quarter box is *MINE*. What a pity, Eammon neither likes lemon with chocolate, nor dark chocolate...Thus, they are mine, mine, mine!!

Now it is even more important that I make six times twice hourly trips to the mailbox, I will need to work off all the calories!


  1. Ahhhhhh, there's nothing like chocolate to wipe out mailbox stress. Blissful, creamy chocolate. Mail who? See, just bite, chew, savor, forget...

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Damn USCIS. Once we're all safe and sound and parental, let's go congressional on their lazy behinds!

    Do They Have Salsa in China?

  2. Hi! I love to see people that are adopting from China. My parents are adopting from China. Our dossier is fixing to go to China. Good Luck and remember BE PATIENT!

  3. Looks yummy. Not quite as good looking as mail from USCIS, but much tastier. hee hee Hang in there. I'm sure it will show up soon. Meanwhile, enjoy your chocolate!!


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