Monday, June 03, 2013

Port of call: Funchal 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post, after departing from Miami and enjoying seven relaxing days at sea, we finally docked at our first port of call, FunchalMaisie and I previously visited Funchal back in 2010 as part of our Disney transatlantic cruise but it was nice to return, this time with Eammon.  Back in 2010 Maisie and I really enjoyed the sites we visited and wanted to visit them again and share them with Eammon so our time in Funchal was very similar to our last visit.  We also spent part of our time on the Island with Maisie’s friend Mahe and her parents so that made for an extra special day.  

photo eStrolling along the main road towards the cable car we saw many beautiful streets and sites.

photo (1)eMaisie and Mahe were happy to dance their way along the streets.

IMG_7028eThe girls were happy to stroll along and have their picture taken at every opportunity.

IMG_7030eCan’t tell that they like each other a bit!

IMG_7032eIMG_7034eWe all made our way to the cable car and had planned to visit the same gardens up in Monte but Eammon and I purchased tickets for the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens and the Yusuf’s purchased tickets for the Botanical Gardens.   

IMG_7037eWe did all ride up to Monte together and of course the girls sat side-by-side.

IMG_7043eBeautiful view of the port and our ship as we rode up.   

IMG_7046eWhen we reached Monte we parted ways and planned to meet up a few hours later for our ride back down, lunch and our walk back to the ship.

IMG_7048e Once inside the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens Maisie wanted her picture taken dozens of times so lots of pictures of the gardens and Maisie posing in the gardens.

IMG_7049eIMG_7051eIMG_7055eIMG_7058eIMG_7063eIMG_7064eIMG_7066eIMG_7068eIMG_0445 F[2]Here’s Maisie with the same statue back in 2010.

IMG_7069eIMG_0450 G[2]And another blast from the past (2010), my smirking girl!

IMG_7070eIMG_7071eIMG_7072eIMG_7073eIMG_7074eIMG_7075eIMG_7076eIMG_7077eIMG_7081eIMG_7086eIMG_7087eIMG_7090eIMG_7091e IMG_0559 P[2]Another blast from the past (2010) picture.  I can’t believe how much my girl has grown!!     

IMG_7098e IMG_0520 N[2] Final blast from the past picture (2010), I love seeing how much Maisie’s grown but wish I could keep her little forever…so stinking cute!!

IMG_7099e 1000 year old olive tree.

IMG_7103e With a gorgeous view behind her, Maisie watched the toboggans go down the steep streets.

IMG_7105eOne way to get down the hills from Monte.

IMG_7106eIMG_7109eIMG_7111eIMG_7112eAfter fortifying ourselves with a delicious glass of Madeira we climbed our way back up and out of the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens.

IMG_7118eWe then met up with Mahe & her family and headed over to the Monte Church.    

IMG_7119e View of the port and our ship from the Monte Church.

919951_519727411423893_1837466057_o eRiding the cable car back down and yes, I was wearing 4 layers of clothing and Eammon was in short sleeves…typical!

IMG_7121eFrom the cable car we saw some interesting sights including this very unique garden scarecrow.

IMG_7123eOnce back down from Monte we enjoyed looking around as we made our way back to the ship.

IMG_7124e We strolled along narrow streets filled with restaurants and shops.  Eammon and I bought our one and only “souvenir”, a nice old bottle of Madeira.

IMG_7126eWe stopped and admired many of the wonderfully decorated doors in Old Town.  It was fun to see as these were new since our last visit in 2010.

IMG_7125e photo (3)ephoto (8)e

IMG_7127e We visited a little art gallery and then stopped and enjoyed a lunch of street food along with some wonderful coffee, oh so delicious!

969162_522779087785392_2123268519_n eMaisie and Mahe, two little funny girls!

photo (8)eWe made our way back to the ship along the waterfront promenade.  Maisie and Mahe still posing for the camera.

photo c e Maisie of course did part of the journey on her hands.

It was a glorious day, perfect weather, great sites and nice friends to spend the day with but it was time to get back on the ship for two more sea days before our final port of Barcelona.

Today is my Secret Recipe Club reveal day and this month I made a wonderfully delicious recipe, Paradise Mango Curried Shrimp.  Check out the recipe over to Cook Lisa Cook by clicking on the link or the picture.


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  1. Gorgeous gardens!

  2. I don't know what the difference is beween the pictures of your last trip and this one, but last time I thought they were great and this time, I SO want to visit there! Something about your recent trip is just calling my name. Beautiful!

  3. Wow. This post is pushing me toward rebellion. I really need to do something amazing like this!


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