Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CAT scan update

IMG_3374e We have been on quite the medical merry-go-round lately trying to figure out what’s going on with Maisie and all her congestion.  Her pediatrician sent us to an ENT to get her adenoids checked out but those were fine.  The ENT suggested that there may be additional allergies and that we should see an allergist.  The allergist ran further allergy tests which thankfully showed no additional allergies.  He then recommended that Maisie have a CAT scan which she did last week. 

Fast forward to yesterday when Maisie and I returned to the allergist to get her CAT scan results.  The CAT scan showed that Maisie has a major infection in her sphenoid sinuses and the doc said that it could have been there for ages.  The doctor explained that sphenoid sinus infections are often very difficult to treat because of a few reasons.  Blood vessels in sinus tissue tends to be extremely small so only small amounts of blood pass through to them.  Also, the sinus cavities are somewhat isolated from the circulatory system so when using oral antibiotics, the antibiotics are often cleaned up by the liver before they can travel through the narrow passages to the deeper recesses of the sphenoid sinuses.  To overcome these problems a broad spectrum antibiotic is used for a longer period of time.  

After leaving the allergist we picked up Maisie’s prescription for a 28 day course of Augmentin which will hopefully be enough to knock out the infection.  Unfortunately though, one of the side effects of the medicine is diarrhea and this afternoon that started hitting her hard so she's been quite upset and not feeling well with that.  This evening I spoke with Maisie’s pediatrician who explained that the Augmentin is stripping away all the good bacteria in Maisie’s body so I needed to add back in some of the good stuff to help calm down the diarrhea so that she can tolerate the antibiotics.  So right before bedtime a freshly bathed and pj clad Maisie and I headed to the pharmacy to pick up a probiotic which will hopefully do the trick.  Maisie’s now sleeping peacefully which I’m hoping continues through the night.

For Valentine’s dinner I wanted to serve something delicious and red so lobster it was.  Here they are all piled up after being steamed to perfection.  No recipe for this one but tomorrow a new Improv Cooking Challenge recipe will post over on Cook Lisa Cook so please check it out, along with lots of other delicious recipes already posted.


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  1. First it has been FOREVER since I visited your site and wow Maisie has grown into SUCH a beautiful girl!! Sorry to hear she is suffering like this. A bit disappointed they didn't have her on the probiotic from day 1 knowing what a long course this was going to be but hope it helps her quickly! Poor thing!

  2. Ugh, no fun!!! Hope the probiotics and antibiotics do the trick. We had the girls on probiotics for-freaking-ever. Good stuff. I wasn't sure from you post, are they saying the sinus infection could cause all the problems or are food allergies still involved? Sending love and hugs.

  3. Well I am so glad that you found at a reason! Hopefully this will work. I am glad that it is not more allergies. Those make things hard to work with, at least with this you can get it cleared up.

    Love the valentine dinner!

  4. I'm so glad you finally have an ANSWER! Yay! Hoping the probiotic helped Miss M's tummy.

  5. Poor Sweetie. I am so glad that you found the culprit, and I hope that Miss Maisie is congestion free soon!

    Thinking of you all!

  6. If Massie can eat yougart that will help with the augmentin, as your friendly blog reader and pharmacist. Steam via netti pot, or steamer helps those sinus infections too, no matter how deep and isn't a drug!

  7. AmyinTexas8:30 PM

    My son was on 6 weeks of oral antibiotics to clear up a bout of discitis. We used the probiotics religiously, and it really helped with the diarrhea. Is plain yogurt with live cultures Maisie safe? My son ate a lot of that, too, just to keep that good bacteria flowing.

    Hope Maisie feels better soon!


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